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What is porcelain dental bridge?

Porcelain bridges help restore one or more missing teeth by creating a bridge between the two teeth next to the missing tooth area. At that time, the doctor will have to sharpen the enamel of the adjacent tooth to take a crown to connect with the ceramic bridge. In addition, in case you have lost a lot of teeth, your doctor may implant the implant and then take the dental bridge up.

Bridges can be made of many different materials such as metal porcelain, titanium porcelain, ceramic ... Each type will have different strengths and characteristics.

cầu răng cố định

When to do dental bridges?

Cases that should apply the method of porcelain bridges can be mentioned as:

  • Congenital tooth deficiency
  • Permanent tooth loss due to accident, tooth decay, pulpitis, ...

Making porcelain bridges will bring many aesthetic benefits as well as improve dental health, including:

  • Bring confidence when laughing or communicating
  • Adjust the bite force as usual when chewing
  • Restores pronunciation, helps to speak clearly
  • Maintain a natural face shape
  • Preventing surrounding teeth that may develop squirm or grow out of place.
  • Replace lost teeth. 

lợi ích của cầu và mão răng

Types of porcelain bridges

Currently, there are 4 main types of porcelain bridges:

1. Traditional porcelain bridges

This is the most common type of bridge when the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth area are healthy and normal. The traditional porcelain bridge consists of two crowns taken on the pillars on the sides and in the middle connecting the dentures to replace missing teeth.

cầu răng sứ

2. Bridge with a bridge also known as a pass (cantilever bridge)

This type of bridge only uses a crown that is attached to the abutment to support the false bridge. However, this type of bridge usually should not be done because the force of the strong bite will affect the cylindrical teeth. You can make this type of bridge for missing front teeth.

Cầu răng đèo

3. Adhesive Bridge

Similar to traditional bridges, adhesive bridge requires two natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth area. The difference is that the adhesive bridge uses a metal or porcelain frame to attach to the back of two adjacent teeth. This type of bridge is mainly used for front teeth and healthy teeth. You should not choose this type for deep and crossbite joints.

Cầu răng cánh dán

4. Bridge with support of implant

Usually, the implant will be implanted for each missing tooth position but if not, you can choose the type of porcelain bridge with implant support to make the abutment on both sides of the bridge. This type of bridge will not affect natural teeth and is considered the most stable method.

cầu răng sứ implant

What type of material is used for dental bridges?

Some materials used in making bridges include:

  • Metal (gold, nickel or chrome, titanium ...).
cầu răng sứ quý kim
Precious metal bridges
  • Porcelain fused with metal.
cầu răng sứ kim loại
Metal porcelain bridge
  • Full porcelain teeth zirconia, E-Max ...
  • Resin (durable plastic).

To choose the right material for a bridge, you need to know the current condition as well as what you need. Please visit the dentist for advice on appropriate materials for beauty, replacement of missing teeth, or enhance the strength of teeth. Come to The East Rose Dental Clinic to get free dental examination and consultation.

Choose Porcelain bridges or Implant?

Currently, dental implant is the best dental prosthesis method on the market. Compared to porcelain bridges, implant teeth have the following advantages:

  • The implant is solid as a real tooth, if taken care of well, the service life can last up to 20 years or even permanently.
  • Implant does not affect the adjacent teeth such as porcelain bridges, so you do not have to worry about dental health weakened by abrasion.
  • The phenomenon of gum recession, jaw bone resorption will still occur with the bridge method. In contrast, implant can overcome this problem.

However, the disadvantage of an implant is that it takes a long time for treatment, it can take up to 9 months if your dental condition is not strong enough. In addition, implant costs are also much higher than porcelain bridges. To find out which method is suitable for you, please come and check and consult absolutely free at The East Rose Dental Clinic (Old Rose Dental Clinic)


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