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What is V-line surgery?

What is V-line surgery?

V-line surgery creates a beautiful, natural V-line face. This method is not simply shrinking maximum bone volume to have a smaller face, but the best goal to achieve is to create a harmonious, soft, natural and beautiful V-line face which balances the rest of the face.

When is V-line surgery needed?

You may consider V-line surgery method if you recognize these following facial imbalances or aberrations:

  • People with lower jaw overgrown forward which causes the chin too protruded, pinched face.
  • People with asymmetrical lower jaw (chin deflection, face deflection)
  • People with flat or pointed lower jaws
  • People with long chin that makes their face long
  • People with square jaws 

Contraindications: V-line surgery is not for patients with systemic disease, the elderly or people under 18 years old.

Procedure for V-line Surgery

When is V-line surgery

V-line surgery must be proceeded in accordance with international standard procedures, ensuring medical safety factors of the Ministry of Health. Doctors carry out a V-line surgery process including 5 steps:
Step 1: Assess the customer’s conditions
After medically examining the patient, the doctor list out the chin & face area defects and advises on the most effective method.
Step 2: Check the health, measure the surgical position on 3D simulation
Before having surgery, the patient must have a good health check. During the test: blood, urine, ... If the patient is found to be abnormal, suffering from chronic and cardiovascular diseases, the V-line surgery must be cancelled. 
Step 3: Anesthesia
After the successful blood test, the anesthesiologist helps the patient feel comfortable and pain-free while the surgery is taking place.
Step 4: Perform Sliding Genioplasty surgery
Specialist qualified and skilled jaw doctors perform surgery quickly. Each manipulation is precise and meticulous with modern techniques.
Step 5: Stitch the incision, bandage the chin area
The incision inside the oral mucosa is aesthetically stitched. Finally, the chin area is bandaged and the entire face in place.
Duration: 2-3 hours.

Features of V-line surgery at The East Rose Dental

Surgery to create a smooth V-line without roughness & fracture on the face.
The surgery is carried out through a small incision inside the mouth, not a cut through the skin so no external scars are left. Even your maxillofacial doctor cannot recognize that you have undergone V-line surgery without the help of x-rays.
The osteotomy method and the removal of muscles and fats are selected depending on each patient's condition, such as the shape and jaw size.
All operations are performed by The East Rose Dental’s medical professionals specialized in facial bone contouring surgery.
The East Rose Dental’s medical professionals provide one-on-one care service including pre-operative care and post-operative management.
There are many methods of V-line plastic surgery such as:

  • Long-curve Square Jaw Ostectomy
  • T-shaped Ostectomy
  • Cortical Osteotomy
  • Masseter Muscle Reduction Combined with Fat Tissue Temoval

The doctor will examine and prescribe the appropriate method depending on the medical condition or the treatment goal to bring the patient's most harmonious face

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