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The face is made up of jawbone and chin, when these two elements are balanced and slim, creating a V-shape will help you have a delicate VLine face. Owning a standard VLine face will bring a luxurious and aristocratic beauty from every angle. But not everyone owns this face and many people find the method of face removal. So what is VLine facelift and the advantages of this method.

What is Vline facelift surgery?

V-line facelift surgery is a cosmetic method to help overcome the roughness of the face. From there, it helps to fly away the low self-esteem and guilt of the face that has not been charming for a long time. This method helps you to have a slim, small, and elegant VLine face by removing the jawbone, large rough face, and spread out on the sides.

1-Vline face removal is a cosmetic method to make the face more beautiful and slim

The key point of this VLine facelift method is to create a slim "V" shaped chin area with two personality styles, sharp or gentle feminine oval shape according to each person's preferences. So, you have understood what VLine facelift is and the purpose of this facelift.

What is the right age for vline facelift surgery?

Besides learning what VLine facelift is, readers should learn which objects should face VLine. In terms of age, facial contouring can be performed from 18 years of age or older, at this age, the facial bone structure is stable and can be performed by VLine sharpening technique. In addition, being of age and health is also an important factor to ensure that the surgery is carried out more smoothly.

2- Those who are 18 years old or older and have good health to perform surgery

If your health condition is not good, not ready for surgery, please postpone the appointment when ready to proceed for the best effect and not cause any dangerous complications. Moreover, to be safe, go to a hospital, a reputable facility to be operated by specialists with modern machinery to get the best effect.

Objects that cannot be shaved

In addition to learning what the VLine facelift concept is, you should also know the object that should not be defaced. Accordingly, the objects that are not faceted are:

  • Customers who meet the health conditions according to the standards of the Ministry of Health, are contraindicated for customers suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or psychological instability, .....
  • Pregnant women and menstruating women should not perform Vline facelift surgery, affecting the health and life of both mother and child.
  • Customers who are using Aspirin, Inbprofen,... should take the drug 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Smokers or heavy drinkers should also not shave their faces.
  • People with high blood pressure.

Outstanding advantages of V-line face removal method

Different from conventional face-lifting methods, Korean VLine facelift uses endoscopic equipment, the doctor determines the standard of each millimeter to ensure no deviation and less invasiveness, bringing high aesthetic efficiency and fast recovery. return. Here are the outstanding advantages of this method.

  • Capable of creating oval or VLine facial contours depending on the customer's wishes.
  • The procedure is gentle, quick, and painless.
  • The results of facelift maintain permanent results, leaving no dangerous complications.
  • Quick recovery time, no downtime, can work normally.
  • The facial incision in the mouth does not leave scars, ensuring high aesthetics.

3- VLine surgery possesses many outstanding advantages

Because the VLine chin surgery method brings many outstanding advantages, today many people have come to this method. With the amount of money that is within your means, you will immediately own a pretty and charming face that many people dream of.

What to keep in mind when cutting the V line face?

Although there are no dangerous complications, in order for the surgery to be successful and to heal quickly, you need to pay attention to the aftercare. Here are a few essential notes you should take.

  • Need a face mask to help reduce swelling quickly, within the first 7 days after surgery should be worn continuously day and night.
  • Apply ice to the face for the first 3 days.
  • Regularly re-examination continuously in the first 3 days to monitor and clean the wound.
  • After 3 days, you can apply warm compresses to quickly dissolve bruises.
  • Eat porridge, soup or drink milk for the first two days, then you can eat soft rice.
  • Clean your teeth with mouthwash continuously for the first 7 days, do not brush your teeth, it will collide with the incision, causing damage and long recovery.
  • Get more rest, don't stay up late.
  • Do not eat sticky foods that cause inflammation.
  • Limit talking too much.
  • Increase the intake of fruit and vegetable juices.

4- Care should be taken to ensure safety and effectiveness after surgery

Above is the full answer of what VLine facelift is and the advantages of this method. Hopefully, readers will find themselves the most prestigious address to be able to successfully perform the surgery. Since then, owning a slimmer, charming and pretty face, more confident.


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