166 Dong Van Cong St, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam (Next to The Vista VERDE Appartment)

Many guests highly appreciated the service, attitude and skills of doctors ... during the treatment at The East Rose Dental Clinic.

According to Dr. Thu Thuy, for many years, the team of nurses and doctors at The East Rose Dental always wonder how they could support domestic and foreign customers with the best dental treatment, with time and reasonable fees. With the motto "handsome is as handsome does" and dedicated to the dental industry, the clinic has successfully performed thousands of difficult cases, the results maintained for a long time and was voted by domestic and foreign customers to become one of the top prestigious dental clinics in Ho Chi Minh City.

Why do foreigners and business people choose The East Rose Dental?

The team of highly qualified and experienced doctors with years from 17 to 25 years in the profession is the strength of The East Rose Dental. Most of them are well trained at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City, worked for many years at the Odonto Stomatology & Facial Centre Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, followed by intensive training in countries with strong dentistry such as the US (Harvard University), Germany, Australia, Japan...
"We pursue the core values of ethics, humanity, civilization, and progress. The East Rose Dental always puts honesty and prestige first - from examination, diagnosis  so many visitors come to us for the second examination and consultation ", said Dr. Thu Thuy.

The sterilization and cleaning processes here are strictly controlled, meeting European and international sterility standards.

The clinic also focuses on investing in modern facilities, equipment and tools such as: 3D Cone Beam X-ray CT machine, Cephalo X ray, Panorama X ray, dental endoscope, length measuring machine and locating the root canal, laser teeth whitening machine...

Dentistry also advocates importing genuine dental materials from leading companies in the world from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, including: DENTSPLY, Vivadent, 3 M, GC ... and other treatments are done with the 3D computer technology - CAD / CAM, 7-15 years warranty for all porcelain teeth, Veneers, Inlay, Onlay ...

Danny van Bakel with team at The East Rose Denta Clinic
Football player Danny van Bakel with team at The East Rose Dental Clinic

Dr. Thu Thuy said: "Most visitors think that the cost of treatment at The East Rose Dental is affordable but of good quality, as committed. For foreign tourists who want to combine dental treatment and travel. Schedule to discover the beauty of Vietnam, we will calculate and arrange a detailed and reasonable schedule to help guests treats quickly but still follow closely, do not miss the process, get the best results ".

According to the appointment schedule, the staff will be present at the airport to pick up customers, helping people not to be too surprised and anxious when visiting and treating in unfamiliar places. "Taking care of guests is not simply healing, but it also gives them a feeling of being cared for, shared and understood".
In order to help guests to visit conveniently, The East Rose dentistry has invested in two facilities in District 1 and District 2.

Facility 1 is in the opposite of the East Gate of Ben Thanh Market, District 1. Located in the busy, long-standing center, associated with the development of Saigon for more than 300 years, this place attracts visitors wishing to combine dental treatment and exploration for many years. Guests can visit popular tourist destinations nearby after dental work.

Facility 2 is a center specializing in All On 4 – Implants - Orthodontics located in the central east of the city in District 2. The building with 7 floors is equipped with six dental chairs, an operating room and international standard equipment... 

Clinic also focuses on the comfort of customers in the process of making teeth through green patches, suitable for people wishing to rest and relax.

The East Rose Dental treats our guests a special coffee flavor with a rooftop bar. "Besides, we are always confident in bringing healthy smiles, success and happiness to everyone. This is also the mission of the team of doctors and staffs", the representative of the unit added.

Review of Mr. Victor perkin after treatment All on 5 at The East Rose Dental Clinic

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