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There are many factors to be considered for the need for reputable dentistry of customers domestically and internationally. How to get the best dental treatment with the most reasonable time and cost. These are the leading reasons why The East Rose Dental Clinic has received the trust and love of domestic customers, especially international visitors, including those who are living and working in HCM City.

Case porcelain at The East Rose Dental Clinic at HCM
Case porcelain Veneer at The East Rose Dental Clinic 

Because of the nature of the work, businessmans regularly participate in partner meetings. However, coffee, cigarettes, foods with color or even color and shapes defects caused by birth or disease prevent their smiles from being radiant, reducing confidence in important meetings. But the underlying fear of dentistry has caused many businessmans to ignore the opportunity to regain a radiant smile because they do not want to sharpen their teeth for porcelain crowns or simply fear of pain

Since then, beside the morning coffee cups, Vietnamese businessmen passed on a method of beautifying smiles completely without pain or grinding teeth of The East Rose Dental - Veneers porcelain face.

Veneer is a very thin porcelain coating that is glued to the tooth surface. When glued to teeth, porcelain veneer can create a new, naturally beautiful surface. That's because dental porcelain is researched and manufactured to resemble natural, translucent and hard enamel. But the Veneer does not stain like enamel.

Patients choose Veneer for its outstanding features such as:

  • Protect original teeth.
  • Safe, painless
  • No need for root canal treatment.
  • There is no need to sharpen the enamel or have very little grinding of 0.5- 0.8 mm.
  • Improved aesthetics, desired color for teeth.
  • High level of aesthetics and durability.

Ms. L, a real estate businessman in Ho Chi Minh City and also a close customer at The East Rose Dental, shared: “As an entrepreneur, I used to feel very self-conscious about my smile. But if you meet a partner and do not smile, it really lacks both confidence and sincerity. I did a lot of research before choosing The East Rose Dental. This is the only dentistry with an entire team of doctors who graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, working at the Central Dental Hospital and being continuously trained from foreign universities. I feel very secure and confident when choosing treatment here.

Case Porcelain Veneer

Mr. H - An employee at an interior furniture company also agrees: “I find smiling very important, especially at work. Everyone can invest in different goals. Each investment brings different returns and risks. However, I feel completely confident and completely satisfied when I have "invested" in porcelain Veneer to improve my smile. With The East Rose Dental, I am very reassured with a team of good doctors who all graduated from leading universities with many years of experience. Besides, there are extremely modern facilities that meet all treatment needs from simple to complex…. ”

Mr. P - Foreign businessman confided after his dental treatment: “After having consulted many dental hospital clinics in the world and was introduced by friends about The East Rose Dental in Vietnam, I decided to come here for treatmen. With more than 21 years of active history of The East Rose Dental, I feel very reassured. I have endured a lot of troubles from problems such as periodontitis, toothache, discolored teeth that cause serious cosmetic loss.

I was completely surprised at my smile after having porcelain Veneer. The doctors with high expertise and gentle hands make my dental experience second to none. Thank you very much"

Many people keep looking for the place with the cheapest dental treatment cost, as cheap as possible to save money but forget one thing: For a dental treatment to be successful with safety, it is necessary to have a team of good estheticians, safety techniques, modern machinery systems, a closed and quality aesthetic process.

Only looking for cheap costs but not attaching importance to the doctor's qualifications, the prestige of the clinic, the quality of treatment ... this is not true in the beauty and dentistry industry, so it is necessary to avoid the idea of choosing cheap cosmetic dental clinic.

Last but not least, The East Rose Dental is always confident with our strengths to deserve to be the first choice for your healthy smile, success and happiness and this is also the mission of the team of doctors and staff.

Here are 3 Porcelain Veneer cases for both jaws just completed on June 4, 2021 at The East Rose Dental.

3 Porcelain Veneer cases for both jaws just completed
3 Porcelain Veneer cases for both jaws just completed on June 4, 2021 at The East Rose Dental

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