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Why do you need a blood test before surgery?

In any surgery, blood tests are always an important step to take. Customers must first undergo a blood test at The East Rose Dental Clinic in order for the dental treatment process to be safe and effective. So what specific role does blood testing play in surgery? Let's see the answer below.

To know whether the patient's health status is eligible for implant surgery or not

Dental surgery processes such as tooth extraction, implant placement, bone grafting, maxillofacial surgery, etc. will have many risks, such as bleeding, infection, graft rejection, etc., which is why blood tests are needed to determine the patient's health. Does your general health allow you to undergo dental surgery? For example, do you have diabetes, infections, or other systemic diseases to help with treatment? Your dentistry is safe and successful before, during, and after treatment. After a blood test, you can refer to your blood index information, such as glucose, HAB1C, TSTC, TCK,...

 If blood indicators have abnormal results, it will lead to many complications, such as bleeding or infection, slow healing after surgery, etc.

In addition, if the patient has any problems related to the immune system, the dentist will detect them promptly to ensure that the implant or dental procedure takes place without medical problems. unwanted.

Check your general health status.

Blood tests provide information about many different factors in the body, including indicators such as blood sugar, lipids, liver function, and kidney function. This not only helps the dentist assess the patient's current health status but also raises warnings about potential risks that the patient may not be aware of. With good health, the dental treatment process will be convenient and safe.
Prevent the risk of transmitting infectious diseases.

Blood testing before the implant or dental procedure is not only a preventative measure but also a protective measure against the risk of infectious diseases, especially HIV/AIDS, that can be spread through blood sugar. This helps to promptly detect and take effective preventive measures. After timely detection, the dentist will have a sterile surgical plan to ensure the best health for the surgeon.

Normally, blood test results will be available after 2–3 hours. Before having a blood test, you need to fast for the most accurate blood test. At The East Rose Dental Clinic, before making implants or invasive dental surgery, a blood test is always performed to ensure health safety and surgical effectiveness for customers. Because your health is the responsibility and mission that we want to deliver in your smiles.

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