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It is very hard to find out what makes a beautiful smile, but some of the criteria for an adorable smile are immediately identifiable: color, shape and alignment of the teeth are a few of the most important. If your teeth may need improvement in any of these types, then porcelain veneers may be what you're looking for.

You probably already know that veneer is a thin coating on another surface. In dentistry, a ceramic veneer is a thin layer of durable porcelain that convinces natural enamel. When bonded to your teeth, porcelain veneer can create a new, naturally beautiful surface. That is because dental porcelain is researched and produced to resemble natural, translucent and hard like natural tooth enamel. But it doesn't stain like tooth enamel.

Why Porcelain Veneer Is Always Popular - Source: Shutterstock

In recent years, the great progress in science and technology has brought great strides in the technology of porcelain crowns. Today, ceramic veneer surfaces can be so thin that they can sometimes be glued directly onto the surface of your existing teeth without the need to sharpen your teeth. In other cases, it is necessary to remove a very thin layer of enamel - as thin as the ceramic veneer itself - in order to fit into the new ceramic surface and make it look lifelike. Either way, the results are sure to make you smile.

Flexible Indication of Ceramic Veneers

Porcelain veneer can be used to improve any of the following characteristics of your teeth

  • Size & Shape - Teeth may be worn out due to chewing habits, teeth grinding, or may not be the original shape or size you wanted. For example, some people have rounder teeth that are more feminine and squarer teeth are more masculine. Veneers can be shaped and sized in whatever way best suits your face.
  • Color - Teeth can be stained from foods, drinks, smoking and from the normal aging process. Porcelain veneer comes in a variety of colors, from the most natural to Hollywood's brightest white.
  • Spacing & Alignment - Porcelain veneer can be used to close small gaps between teeth or make slight corrections to tooth alignment, providing ideal smile lines while incorporating improved in terms of color and shape of teeth.

Limitations of Veneers

There are some cases which a ceramic veneer will not be suitable for your teeth. For example, if you have a large gaps or significantly misaligned teeth, orthodontic may be a more suitable solution than porcelain veneer. And if you have lost a lot of tooth structure due to cavities or trauma (or because of a particularly serious habit of grinding your teeth), then it is better to protect your teeth with a full ceramic Zirconia crown.

Creating an Nice Smile with Veneers

The first step of creating a nice smile with veneers is to impart to your doctor exactly what you do not like about your smile as it’ s present and what you wish for your beautiful smile in the future. Better yet, if you could bring pictures of your favorite smile as a starting point for a discussion with your doctor. You can foresee what porcelain veneers will look like on your teeth in a number of ways such as: A pattern of your teeth can be made on top of which wax "porcelain veneer" can be placed; sometimes acrylic (plastic) or tooth color fillings can be applied directly to your teeth to demonstrate the effect and degree of improvement of the porcelain veneer on them.

Creating an Nice Smile with Veneers - Source: Shutterstock

Once the treatment plan has been agreed, your teeth will be prepared by grinding a small amount of the tooth enamel, if this step is needed. Your tooth molds will be put into a highly skilled laboratory to use to create your porcelain veneer, and you'll be temporarily fitted with a set of temporary veneers to wear for a few weeks to get enough time for doctors and technicians create your permanent porcelain veneers. When the porcelain veneer comes back from the lab, they will be attached to your teeth.

Home Care for Your Porcelain Veneers

Teeth restored with porcelain veneers need gentle brushing and flossing every day just like your natural teeth. This will remove dental plaque and ensure good gum tissue health surrounding the porcelain veneer. Regular dental check-ups will always be important to your oral health.  And remember that as tough as veneers are, they cannot withstand the force of using your teeth as a tool (to open packages, can of beer, coke for example) or biting into very hard foods like candy, sugar cane , chicken bone... – this is not good for your natural teeth either! And if you grind your teeth at night, you may be advised to use the night guard specially made to protect your veneers.



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