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In recent years, dental prosthetic technology has reached a new breakthrough with the introduction of the X-GUIDE machine during zygoma implant placement. This is an innovative solution, combining the modernity of computerized tomography (CT scan) and 3D guidance systems, helping to improve the accuracy and efficiency of zygoma implants, especially for patients with missing teeth and jaw bone loss.

Zygoma implants and challenges

The zygoma implant is an important method in tooth restoration, especially for those who have lost all their teeth in the upper jaw and have reduced jaw bone. However, this process is not easy due to the requirement to place the implant in the zygoma bone, a very important and complex area. In the past, accuracy and predictability in zygoma implant placement was pretty difficult to implement, which can lead to post-implantation problems such as infection, inflammation, and implant loss.

X-GUIDE machine - Breakthrough in dental restoration technology

The X-GUIDE machine is a product of X-Nav Technologies, a medical technology company located in the United States. This company that develops breakthrough technology solutions in the field of surgery has its headquarters in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA, and the X-GUIDE machine is one of their standout products in the field.

The X-GUIDE machine was born to address these challenges by providing a powerful support system for zygoma implant placement. The system uses computerized tomography (CT scan) image data to create an accurate 3D model of the patient's bone and soft tissue structures. In particular, the X-GUIDE machine uses 3D guidance technology to guide the most accurate positioning of zygoma implants.

Benefits of X-GUIDE machine in implant zygoma

Maximum precision: The X-GUIDE machine combines computed tomography (CT scan) images to create detailed 3D models of the patient's bone and soft tissue structures. Thanks to the 3D guidance system, positioning and placement of the zygoma implant becomes extremely precise, reducing the risk of misplacement and optimizing the end result. The X-GUIDE machine is not only limited to providing 3D model images and paths, but also ensures the most accurate positioning for zygoma implants. Placing the zygoma implant in the correct position is key to ensuring the success of the surgery and the post-implantation outcome. The X-GUIDE machine overcame the uncertainty and difficulty of locating the zygoma implant, providing remarkable accuracy in the process.

Increased surgical efficiency: Thanks to 3D image-based guidance, specialists can perform the zygoma implant procedure more quickly and efficiently. This saves time for both the patient and the doctor.

Reduced penetration and pain: The X-GUIDE machine helps ensure the correct placement of the zygoma implant, minimizing the need for post-operative correction. This can help reduce pain and recovery time for the patient.

Better outcome prediction: Thanks to its ability to create precise 3D models of bone and soft tissue structures, the X-GUIDE helps professionals predict post-implantation outcomes more accurately. This helps them fine-tune the surgical approach and ensure the best outcome for the patient.

Increased confidence: Using the X-GUIDE machine can help professionals feel more confident during the zygoma implant procedure, as they have the support of modern technology to ensure the process goes on correctly and smoothly.

Visual display: The X-GUIDE's 3D navigation system provides a visual display to help doctors see more clearly where the zygoma implant should be placed and the surrounding bone structure.


The X-GUIDE zygoma implant represents a new step forward in the field of dental prosthetics, offering outstanding benefits in zygoma implant placement. With the combination of computed tomography and 3D guidance technology, the X-GUIDE has opened up a promising future for dental restorations, while bringing hope to those who have lost teeth and jaw bone loss.



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