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Teeth whitening makes your smile more confident and radiant. However, before getting this cosmetic procedure, it’s best to learn more about how it’s done in order to achieve optimal results.

This whitening procedure involves using an oxidant to penetrate the enamel with the help of light energy. As a result, oxidation, a type of chemical reactions, occurs, breaking down stain compounds to make your teeth look brighter. This technique doesn’t take away your enamel, thus, unlikely to cause damage to your teeth. 

Most of the time, teeth whitening is recommended for people with stained teeth caused by frequent consumption of coffee, tea, cigarettes, or poor oral hygiene. 

Professional teeth whitening step by step

There are 6 major steps in a professional teeth whitening session:

1.Dental examination

Before starting treatment, your dentist will perform a dental exam to have a look at your oral health. This allows them to figure out the state of your teeth color, come up with a treatment plan if any disease is identified. Then, your dentist will use a shade chart to show you your current shade and which shade your teeth can get to after whitening treatment. 

2.Oral cleaning

Your dentist will clean up your oral cavity with a professional disinfectant solution. By doing this, your dentist can make sure that your mouth is clean and sterile during the whole procedure, preventing cross-infection and other potential complications, as well as ensuring optimal whitening results.

3.Lip and gum protection

Since the whiteners can damage your lips and gums, your dentist will use certain tools to protect those parts. First, they will put a lip retractor into your mouth. Then comes the saliva ejector. Next, cotton balls are placed between your teeth and the inner surface of your mouth. Finally, your dentist will apply a gingival barrier to protect your gums from the whiteners.

4.Apply whiteners on your teeth

After preparation is complete, your dentist will proceed to apply whiteners directly to your teeth. Depending on the current shade of your teeth, your dentist will adjust the whitener concentration accordingly.

5. Laser whitening treatment

laser whitening treatment

Your dentist will shine a laser light directly on your teeth while you are wearing protective goggles. The blue laser beams and the whiteners will work together to break down the stain pigments on your teeth. Waiting time varies from 12 - 20 minutes, depending on the type of whiteners used. 

6. Post-treatment cleaning

Your dentist will remove your protective goggles, clean up the whiteners, get rid of the cotton balls, and instruct you to rinse your mouth with clean water. If your teeth haven’t got to your desired shade, you may need to repeat this procedure 2 - 3 more times. Your teeth will show their true color after a few days, meaning they will look slightly brighter than right after the procedure.

Teeth whitening isn’t recommended for people who are allergic to dental whiteners, pregnant and breastfeeding women, children under 16 years old, and patients with gum inflammation and exposed roots.

Teeth whitening precautions

There are some issues you should keep in mind after teeth whitening procedure:

Potential side effects

Professional teeth whitening is often considered safe. However, you may experience pains and aches which are to be expected in around 60% of cases. The severity may differ, depending on each individual’s enamel structure. Your dentist may prescribe a pain reliever to ease your discomfort. 

In some cases, gum pain and swelling may occur due to exposure to whiteners. Inform your dentist right away to get help. It may take a few days for your gums to recover. 

Teeth whitening aftercare

After teeth whitening, you should avoid foods with colors, especially dark ones as they may stain your teeth. Also, refrain from drinking beverages which are either too hot or too cold because your teeth are still quite sensitive and prone to toothaches. It’s best to practice proper oral hygiene and brush your teeth after meals. These habits will help your teeth stay bright and shiny longer.

The most important thing to do when considering professional teeth whitening is to pick a reputable dental clinic with modern equipment and experienced dentists. When it comes to the results of teeth whitening, this is the deciding factor.

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Professional teeth whitening service at The East Rose Dental

With a team of highly competent and experienced dentists and specialists, The East Rose Dental (Old Rose Dental Clinic) is happy to offer you the best whitening service at the most reasonable price. Our state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality whiteners will allow the procedure to be performed with ease and guaranteed quality and safety. 

The East Rose Dental is using the following products and techniques for teeth whitening:

  • Opalescence whitening products: These products are certified by the American Dental Association (ADA) to be safe and effective. They are used at most American dental clinics for their ability to improve the enamel color safely and effectively.

  • Zoom light whitening: Unlike laser lights, zoom lights produce gentler light beams which can reach the most secluded spots, allowing your teeth to be whitened more evenly. Zoom lights also generate less heat. Therefore, they are not only better at stimulating the whitening molecules but also more unlikely to induce pains and aches. 

As much as you want to get instant bright teeth, it’s best to do your research on teeth whitening to make sure you stay prepared. Picking a reputable clinic with modern equipment and experienced staff not only lowers your risk of complications but also ensure you get the best, most long-lasting results. 



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