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Many people have a badly deviated chin, making the face unbalanced, not sharp and elegant. This seriously affects their aesthetics, making them lose confidence. The following article shares with you 7 bad chin shapes and effective ways to correct a misaligned chin.

Chin too pointy

The characteristic of this chin shape is that it points forward or straight down, the angle of the jaw runs diagonally, up to the ears. The pointed chin makes the face long and somewhat sharp. In terms of physiognomy, people with too pointed chin life are not very peaceful. This is an intelligent person, but in his career, there is no advancement because of indecisiveness, instability, unstable stance.

The fix is ​​chin surgery, specifically chin reduction to help the chin regain its V-line shape. This is the best way to help you get the beautiful chin shape you want.

Chin too small

This is one of the bad chin shapes that no one wants to have. The characteristic of this chin shape is that it is indented, making the top of the nose and lips no longer lie in a straight line. The short chin has many different degrees, slight case: indented 1/3 of the chin, heavy case: there is no protrusion of the chin, causing the upper lip to be exposed. This is the chin shape that is considered very bad at any level.

  The chin is too short, making the face unbalanced

To correct this misaligned chin, V-line chin implant is the optimal method for you to own the beautiful chin shape you want. Chin implant, helps your chin to be longer, more balanced and elegant.

Receding chin

A receding chin is a chin that has only a concave part without the usual protrusion. This causes the chin, lips and nose to not be in the same line, causing the face to lose its balance and harmony.


A receding chin is a bad chin shape that no one wants to have

In terms of numerology, the owner of this chin shape does not have patience and care. In work and life, these people are not appreciated, less promoted. About the love of these people, it is very difficult to find the man of their life.

The way to correct the deviated chin due to indentation is that you should have a V-line chin implant or a screwed chin implant. This helps you get a beautiful chin shape, making your face more delicate and beautiful.

Square chin

Square chin has the feature that the jawbone is spread out to form a square line, making the face look rough and unattractive. In particular, the girls with this chin shape look very masculine, no longer the feminine girl. A square chin has many levels, but no matter what level it is, it is considered a bad chin shape.

In terms of physiognomy, people with square chin are quite straightforward and unruly plus a strong, sometimes excessive personality leads to extreme stubbornness and excessive pride. The life of people with this chin shape is quite hard, not very favorable and fortunate.


Chin surgery to have a beautiful chin as desired

The best way to fix it is chin correction surgery, specifically chin reduction, jaw reduction to regain the desired beautiful chin shape. The square chin reduction is similar to the sharp chin, but it is different in the position of the chin bone and the jaw that needs to be removed.

Chin too long

The characteristic of this chin shape is that the length of the chin is greater than 1/3 of the length of the face, causing the face to lose its balance, especially when viewed from the side. In terms of numerology, people with long chin are often persistent and upright, but they attach too much importance to emotions and are weak in spirit. Therefore, they are very vulnerable, sulky, and very difficult to please.

The way to fix this chin shape is similar to a pointed chin and a square chin that is to trim the chin. However, it is different in the position of the bone to be removed.

Double chin

There are two cases that lead to a double chin: a split chin or a face that is too fat. People with double chin make the face saggy, unbalanced and lack elegance. In terms of physiognomy, these are emotional people who always put family first. If you are a woman with a general helping her husband, it will bring luck to herself and her family.

The horoscope of this chin shape is good, but the aesthetics are not high. To be able to effectively overcome this situation, you can massage or chew gum to slimmer your chin. As for the case of large jaws, you can perform chin reduction surgery.

Round chin

This is a chin shape with a square or round chin top like an oval, with a moderate curvature on both sides of the jaw. According to the traditional concept, this is a person with a lovely, chubby face. However, according to the modern aesthetic concept, covering is not a beautiful chin shape, the chin should not be too round, but a certain length and point should create a symmetrical face.

To overcome the roundness of the face caused by a round chin, V-line chin reduction is often an effective method chosen by many people. This method helps you to have a sharper and more prominent face.


The round chin after adjusting the face becomes sharper and more balanced

The above article has shared with you 7 bad chin shapes and effective ways to correct the skewed chin. If you own one of these 7 chin shapes and want to fix it, please contact the reliable clinics for advice and dedicated support.




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