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Cosmetic Gum Surgery

In the category of beauty treatments, an important aspect that is little known to many people is gum cosmetic surgery. Although it does not receive as much attention as other smile improvement measures such as porcelain veneers or orthodontics, gum surgery has a significant impact on your perfect smile and oral health. Right now, let's find out with The East Rose Dental Clinic to learn about "gum cosmetic surgery".

What is gum cosmetic surgery?

Gums, also known as gingiva, are part of the structure of the human mouth, a soft pink layer of tissue that covers and protects the teeth and jawbone. In addition to helping stabilize the jawbone, gums also play an important role in creating a beautiful smile. The balance of the gums affects the beauty and confidence of the smile.
Gum cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that improves the shape and beauty of the gums in a patient's mouth. The goal of this surgery is usually to adjust the size, shape and position of the gums to create a more natural and harmonious smile, correcting gummy smiles and some other gum problems.

Cosmetic gum surgery is typically performed by professional dental specialists, and specific techniques may include removing a portion of the gum, reshaping the gum, or using gum grafting techniques from the other areas of the mouth.

When is gum cosmetic surgery needed?

Gum cosmetic surgery is often considered in the following cases:

  • Gum recession: also known as receding gums, is a common problem in the field of dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. This is a condition in which part of the gum recedes, exposing parts of the tooth roots or even the jawbone, causing an unbalanced and unsightly smile.
  • Gums that are too low cause a gummy smile: When the gums are too low, the teeth can look short and not natural enough. Gum cosmetic surgery can be performed to increase the height of the gums and improve the proportion and balance of the smile.
  • Uneven color of gum tissue: Gum tissue may have areas of uneven color, causing a lack of uniformity in the smile. Gum surgery can help correct the color and create a more aesthetic appearance of the gums.
  • Gum regeneration after dental treatment: In some cases, after dental treatment, it is necessary for the patient to regenerate or adjust the gums to restore the balance and natural shape of the mouth.

Gum cosmetic surgery methods

Manual gingivectomy method

Gingivectomy is a popular technique in cosmetic dentistry, in which the doctor uses a dental knife to remove unwanted gums. The precision and skill of the specialist will be extremely important to ensure quick wound healing and beautiful sutures. If performed properly, this method can help reduce post-operative pain and produce good cosmetic results.
Electric gingivectomy

This is another method that uses electromagnetic waves or high-frequency electrical sparks to remove excess or other unwanted gums. Although not widely used, this method can help reduce pain and bleeding compared to manual gingivectomy with a knife.
Laser gum removal

Another gum cosmetic surgery method that is extremely safe for health and aesthetics is laser cutting. Specialists will use modern machines, capable of radiating radiation and high heat, emitting amplified light beams to burn and kill infected gum tissue cells. Many customers after treatment have absolutely no bleeding, no swelling, and recover quickly.
Consulting from a specialist will help patients better understand treatment methods and decide on the most suitable option. Wishing you will have a confident perfect smile soon!

Care regimen after gum plastic surgery
Care regimen after gum plastic surgery

Gum plastic surgery is currently the best choice for people with gum diseases, bringing aesthetic effects as well as protecting the patient's health. However, after the surgery, the patient needs to follow a strict diet and hygiene regimen so that the wound can heal quickly and soon have the bright smile as expected. What is the best after-care regimen after gum plastic surgery, please refer to the following.

The most modern cosmetic gum surgery methods
The most modern cosmetic gum surgery methods

Plastic surgery is no longer strange to everyone, in particular, dental aesthetics is increasingly focused. This cosmetic form not only helps to make the smile more beautiful and radiant, but also eliminates many dental diseases. So, let's refer to the methods of cosmetic gum surgery that are being used a lot and bring the best results today.

Is gum plastic surgery dangerous?
Is gum plastic surgery dangerous?

The state of gummy smile is a defect that makes not only women but also men lose confidence when communicating, greatly affecting social relationships. To solve this problem, many doctors have advised to choose the surgical solution to cut gums.

Overview of gummy smile treatment - Does it affect health?
Overview of gummy smile treatment - Does it affect health?

A gummy smile treament is a surgical intervention to correct a gummy smile. The problem that most people are interested in gummy smile treatment is is it difficult to treat gummy smile? Does cutting gums affect health? And where is the recommended clinic to cut the gum safely? The following are answers from experts to answer all your enquires.

What can you expect from gum surgery?
What can you expect from gum surgery?

There are many factors that create the beautiful smile: Bright, healthy teeth immediately popped up on your mind and made a strong impression on you. But the gum tissue that surrounds and supports those teeth also plays a very important role in how appealing your smile will look