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Gum plastic surgery is currently the best choice for people with gum diseases, bringing aesthetic effects as well as protecting the patient's health. However, after the surgery, the patient needs to follow a strict diet and hygiene regimen so that the wound can heal quickly and soon have the bright smile as expected. What is the best after-care regimen after gum plastic surgery, please refer to the following.
When is essential to cut gums?
Cosmetic gingivectomy is a simple procedure that exposes the crown of the tooth, makes the teeth look longer, and overcomes the disadvantage of open gums when smiling. This is a safe method, less invasive to the body structure, does not affect much to the patient's life and health after surgery.

Gum surgery is performed in the oral cavity, is sutured esthetically, so it heals quickly and leaves no scars. Depending on the condition of each patient, the dentist will examine and advise to be able to choose the most comprehensive treatment method, helping to ensure the effectiveness after surgery. Dentists often appoint surgery for customer cases:

  • Using a lot of strong antibiotics makes the gums grow stronger.
  • Congenital long gums cover many parts of the crown, making the teeth shorter.
  • After orthodontic treatment, the socket and teeth are complicated, causing the teeth to recede a lot, leaving the gums deeply rooted in the crown of the tooth.

When does the wound heal?
After surgery, there will be pain in the gums, bleeding or swelling in the first week. This makes quite a lot of people worry, but this is just a common, very common expression, just follow the doctor's prescription will not have any bad effects.

About 2 weeks after surgery, the doctors will ask you to return to the dental clinic to cut the sutures, the wound will gradually heal. At this time, all obstacles in living and eating are also gradually removed.
According to a general survey from the patients after surgery, most can resume normal activities after the 3rd day and can eat solid foods after about 2 weeks. Therefore, patients do not need to worry too much about post-operative abstinence or prolonged rest time, which greatly affects work and daily activities.
Diet after gum surgery
In order for the postoperative wound to quickly stabilize and achieve the desired aesthetic effect, the patient needs to pay attention to many different issues. Building a healthy diet is absolutely necessary to ensure success after gum plastic surgery.

Within the first 3 days after surgery, you need to absolutely avoid strong impacts on the gums, especially the sutures. Sharp, chewy, hard foods that require strong chewing force such as ribs, chicken, beef,... must not be used. Besides, carbonated drinks, drinks that are too hot, too cold, stimulants such as alcohol and beer are also kept away to limit complications later.
Not only pay attention to the foods that need to be limited, you need to focus on adding foods that contain adequate nutrients for the body in the form of liquid foods, cooked thoroughly, and limited chewing force. After the wound is completely healed, you can eat and drink as usual. This will limit pain and help the wound heal faster.

Oral hygiene after gum plastic surgery
An equally important issue that patients need to pay attention to after cosmetic gum surgery is proper oral hygiene, without affecting the wound. Because, if done incorrectly, it will lead to broken sutures, intense bleeding gums, pain, tooth sensitivity,... Some notes in daily oral care such as:

  • When bleeding, you should bite the gauze, limit the change of gauze to minimize direct impact on the wound.
  • Do not brush your teeth for the first 3 days after surgery. From day 2, you can rinse your mouth gently with salt water to avoid affecting blood clots.
  • When cleaning the oral cavity, you should use diluted saline or chlorhexidine to remove harmful bacteria.
  • Do not use hands, toothpicks, ... to poke directly into the wound. In case of plaque, you should use dental floss to ensure safety.

Thus, from the above information, you have your own baggage of knowledge about care after plastic gum surgery. For the best results after cosmetic surgery, you should choose reputable dental facilities with a team of professional and highly qualified doctors. Equipment or facilities are also a factor to consider if you want the wound to heal faster and more beautiful.


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