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Everything about the Lava Plus porcelain crown

Entering the world of dental porcelain art, you open the door to a transformative journey that is not only about health care but also about recreating a living work of art—your smile. Along with that, Lava Plus porcelain teeth is one of the outstanding, high-end tooth lines that converges many advantages of new generation technology. Let's learn all about the very popular porcelain crown line right below.

What is a Lava Plus porcelain crown? 

Belonging to the high-end line, Lava Plus all-ceramic crowns are made from Lava Ultimate material, the first resin nano-ceramic restoration material in the world. If compared with other types of porcelain crowns on the market, Lava Plus crowns possess many outstanding advantages, both in terms of aesthetics and quality.
Lava Plus porcelain crowns are not only a dental product but also a symbol of high-class standards and sophistication. The exquisite transparent colours exude elegance and luxury, satisfying those who are looking for perfection in their smile.
In addition, with the combination of sophistication in manufacturing and modern technology, Lava Plus porcelain crowns are not only beautiful but also bring outstanding advantages. This is not just a dental product, but a statement of style and class, incomparable to any other product line. 

Outstanding features of the Lava Plus porcelain crown

Natural colour: The natural white colour of real teeth is wonderfully reproduced in Lava Plus crowns using Lava Ultimate material, the first resin nano-ceramic restoration material in the world. The high transparency of this type of porcelain not only creates a natural appearance but also enhances the ability to see through, making it difficult for the other person to distinguish between real teeth and fake teeth.

Durability: Lava Plus's durability is unrivalled, with a hardness of up to 1570 MPa after a 12-hour high-temperature firing process. This hardness helps resist all strong impacts; you can even use a hammer to smash porcelain onto wooden floors without breaking or chipping them. This gives users confidence, allowing them to eat and chew anything without worrying about the durability of the ceramic layer.

Safe and benign: Lava Plus's excellent biocompatibility is proven by FDA certificates of safety and benignity to the body. This high-quality porcelain not only prevents gum tissue irritation but also reduces the risk of bad breath and blackening of the tooth edges.
Modern design technology: With advanced CAD/CAM 3D technology, each Lava Plus porcelain tooth is crafted with absolute precision. This ensures that they fit perfectly into the customer's tooth mould without causing warping or exposing the gum line, creating a perfect design down to every small detail.

At what age can Lava Plus porcelain crowns be applied?

The ideal age for cosmetic dentistry is 18 years old or older. During this period, the permanent tooth system has fully developed on the jaw and the jaw bone has reached stability, helping to ensure that the dental procedure does not have a negative impact on tooth and bone health.

With outstanding advantages, the Lava Plus porcelain crown line is the perfect choice to help you have white, bright, evenly beautiful, and highly durable teeth.

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