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Being ambivalent about this patient, I had to speak up so that the doctor and everyone should pay attention when taking your child to dental clinic for orthodontics (braces).
She is a foreigner who had an orthodontic fixation (metal braces) at a dentist in Qatar 3 years ago, after that she returned to Vietnam to live and continue orthodontic treatment at a few other dental clinics in Vietnam to change the wire and increase the power.
5 days ago, She went to East Rose Dental for examination and look forward to continuing orthodontic

failure braces

Clinical examination recorded

  • All teeth on both jaws were shaken, loosen with mobility at level 2,3, 4.
  • All teeth with bone resorption in both horizontally and vertically, from moderate to severe.
  • Receding gums, periodontitis ...
  • The center line is a lot to the right # 7 mm.
  • Open occlusion
  • The spaces have not been closed yet.

Catastrophic circumstance

If I remove the braces, to be sure all the teeth will fall out, but if left with braces, it is difficult to clean the mouth and over time the problems will be more serious.
Bone grafting will cost much money but not effective ...
Keeping her with me, the responsibility is heavy, and the task is to find a way to save her teeth. But letting her gone is even more reassuring, if she go to another clinic that gets squeezed or handled incorrectly the braces, it is considered the terrific ending.
Temporarily I keep her and will consult with my teacher or experts for the proper treatment while making an appointment for regular visits to clean her teeth and periodontal treatment ...

Causes from the doctor

  • Discover that the braces are still in the right position.
  • The fault is that the doctors used force on the teeth stronger and faster compared to the process of osteogenesis biologically.

Causes from patients - This is the main cause

  • Should only be treated with only one original orthodontist because they have complete data records, examination, diagnosis, evaluation of your dental health status as well as a specific detailed treatment plan that matches right from the start.
  • Some patients often push their doctors to treat quickly but they are unaware that the treatment procedure will be depended on the time of bone destruction and physiological bone formation (the process of osteogenesis biologically) not according to the subjective sentiment of humans.
  • In unavoidable cases, when receiving further treatment for orthodontic cases from colleagues, the physician should also ask the patient to provide the complete orthodontic records before. Doctors should also carefully examine, evaluate, re-diagnosed and remake treatment plans to suit the actual oral health situation of patients.
  • Do not listen to patients for irresponsibly quick working to put money into your pockets. This is very guilty. Money can be earned a lot, but lost teeth will never get back.

For dental doctors should consider a tooth as a life, saving a tooth is saving a life, high merit is like heaven.”

This is her comment about East Rose Dental

“My purpose of my visit here is to have consultation to continue my brace treatment and the doctors have joint assessment on the condition of my teeth. took xray and told me what needs to be done. i was kinda afraid because of what i saw in my xray but doctors assured me everything will be fine and they will gonna take care of my teeth.
i have been to 3 dental clinics and nobody explain to me except rose dental clinic that i need to have my xray because my gums have issues and need to check right away to have a better treatment plan
To Dr. Thuy and Dr. Thanh, thank you very much. I hope the fear of losing all my teeth will be gone. I will entrust the remaining procedures in your dental clinic during my stay here.
Please dont charge me that much later lol... kidding aside, the price here is very affordable and they have all the nqupments needed you no longer need to go out.
The clinic is very clean and the staff are great and helpful.
Thank you everyone. Until next visit. More power and God bless”