166 Dong Van Cong St, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam (Next to The Vista VERDE Appartment)

The East Rose Dental Clinic is not only proud to be a reputable unit in the field of dentistry but also for its dedication and thoughtfulness, bringing the best experience to customers. To bring convenience, the dental clinic has been implementing an online consultation process for foreign customers, helping to optimize the dental journey in Vietnam.

the dental clinic has been implementing an online consultation process for foreign customers

👉Step 1: Customers will search for The East Rose Dental on social networking platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the website Here, you will learn about diverse services at the clinic: implants, porcelain crown, whitening, and treatment of oral diseases. Furthermore, on these platforms, you can refer to the most authentic and reputable comments from clients who have used the services at the dental clinic. After researching, leave your email to receive useful information from the dental team.
👉Step 2: After leaving your contact information, the East Rose Dental team will immediately connect with you the person who directly communicates with customers will be the closest assistant to the doctors and best understands the problem you are facing. If you are a foreign customer, do not worry because our team of specialized doctorlike trained abroad, so foreign language issues will not be a barrier for us to better understand the customer's dental condition.
👉Step 3: After receiving advice, support, and answers to dental-related questions, the, client can proceed to schedule a consultation appointment directly with the doctor.
👉Step 4: In addition to quality dental services that produce smiles with beautiful results, The East Rose Dental Clinic also provides dedicated customer care from pick-up to accommodation Our staff will assist customers with visa procedures and airport pickup, and transport guests during treatment at the clinic. In addition, we haveable cooperated with major hotels in the city center area, making it convenient for clients to enjoy and explore the splendid city of Saigon.
👉Step 5: Transport that client to the clinic and, given instructions before and after surgery Each guest will be treated by a doctor with appropriate expertise. The doctor will examine your oral health and plan treatment for each case. At this point, just let the dental team take care of everything! We are committed to bringing absolute satisfaction to customers throughout the treatment process at The East Rose Dental Clinic.
With a dedicated and thoughtful process, The East Rose Dental Clinic firmly believes that this will be the best gift when foreign customers come to experience the dental service. Now, geographical distance is no longer a worry, because when you come to us, you will feel the friendliness and closeness of your own hometown.