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Modern dentistry has made a breakthrough with the implant solution to rescue lost teeth. Thanks to implants, losing teeth is no longer a "nightmare" for everyone. Choosing which type of implant is right for your dental condition is also a question that many customers are interested in when coming to The East Rose Dental Clinic. And soon, we will answer for you.

What are the types of implants at The East Rose Dental Clinic  

Implant Osstem (Korea)

The first thing that cannot be ignored is the Implant Osstem originating from Korea and currently popular in over 50 countries with a 14-year history. Most reputable dental facilities are currently using this line of pillars, which is leading the dental implant market in Korea.

Osstem posts are designed to look almost like real tooth roots, helping dental implanters have strong teeth from the root. In terms of shape, the Osstem pillar is designed with a tapered shape, grooves located at the body, and a rough surface that easily integrates firmly with the jaw bone. With a warranty of more than 20 years and a reasonable cost, this is definitely the top line of your choice. 

Implant Dentium (USA)

For single tooth loss situations, Dentium Implant made in the US will be the perfect choice with high bearing capacity and good durability. The cylinder surface uses SLA rough coating technology and large abrasive particles to help stimulate bone cell growth. The post is made entirely from pure, healthy, non-irritating titanium and is designed with double spiral grooves to help bone tissue adhere firmly and quickly.

Neodent Implant (Sweden)

Neodent implant is a line of implants trusted by many doctors, manufactured and distributed in over 70 countries, with a success rate of up to 99.7%. With outstanding features such as durability, high aesthetics, improved chewing ability, and high biological compatibility with the jaw, the Neodent Implant requires highly specialised doctors to perform because the implant is difficult and complex.

Implant post of Nobel Biocare (Sweden)

Nobel Biocare's implant head is made from four layers of high-quality titanium, with the surface covered with TiUnite biofilm. This feature not only helps effectively enhance bone and soft tissue regeneration but also ensures the implant base is strong and stable.
Normally, bone integration for other types of implants usually takes 3 to 6 months. However, with Nobel Biocare's implant, this time is shortened to only about 2 to 3 months, depending on the specific biological characteristics of each person. This not only helps the treatment process take place quickly but also ensures the certainty and stability of the implant in a short time.

Implant Straumann (Switzerland)

The highlight that makes Straumann Implant different from other implants is their ability to quickly integrate bone and recover in only 6–8 weeks. The post is quite small in size, but this is an advantage that helps the post easily graft onto the jaw bone quickly and conveniently. The pillar has a high bearing capacity. If you know how to take care of it, the lifespan of the pillar is almost eternal; there is no need to replace it.

Above are some suggestions for you about the types of implants at The East Rose Dental Clinic. For more detailed and clear advice on tooth condition and which implant is suitable, contact the dentist immediately for answers!

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