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Vline chin surgery is a beauty technique that is attracting a lot of attention from customers. This is a method that will give you a slim V-shaped chin, a balanced face and completely solve defects such as a low chin, a deviated chin, asymmetry. Let's find out the safest and most accurate Vline surgery procedure with the article.

Who should face VLine?

VLine chin surgery is suitable for all people whether you are male or female and want to have a slim VLine face. In addition, using surgical methods is also for those who have many defects on the face such as:

  • The lower jaw is out of balance such as face deviation, jaw deviation, chin deviation, ....
  • The lower jaw is flat, too long or too short.
  • Face is chipped, face plow, face electric.


1- VLine chin surgery helps to balance the face

Should Vline chin surgery not?

Not coincidentally, the VLine chin reduction method is popular and used by many people. Because VLine chin reduction will bring you the following practical benefits:

Solve defects such as short chin, chin deviation to one side, chin pushed forward, .....

Bringing an elegant V-shaped chin, losing sharp, sharp edges, .....

Gives you a natural chin shape, a more balanced and elegant face.

Helping you to stand out, attract all eyes and become the center of attention with everyone around.

Performing VLine chin surgery will help women become more beautiful and confident in life.


2- VLine surgery makes you beautiful and charming

Outstanding advantages of Vline chin surgery

Today, Vline chin surgery method is being used by beauty salons and beauty care centers to conduct surgery for their customers. Here are the outstanding advantages that VLine chin surgery brings.

  • Safe, effective.
  • Using an artificial graft that has been certified to be safe, highly compatible, so it can last for a long time in the body without affecting health.
  • No swelling, no pain during surgery and no scars after it's done.
  • Recovery time is quick, no need to rest and visit many times.
  • The result is a balanced, beautiful, long-term stable face.
  • The price is also affordable to help you change your appearance in the most positive direction.



3- VLine chin surgery is safe

Vline chin surgery procedure

VLine chin surgery is a method that uses cutlery and has a direct impact on the health and beauty of the customer. Therefore, to ensure safety as well as high efficiency, it is necessary to follow the procedure below.

Step 1: Visit and consult

Customers will be examined by a plastic surgeon the condition of the chin. Then, depending on each defect, the customer's requirements will choose the most suitable piece for the face.

After that, the doctors will consult and answer questions about the cost of surgery, promotions, discounts or things to do before and after surgery. From there, the client prepares mentally for surgery.

Step 2: General examination

The doctors conduct a general examination of blood pressure, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys…. Then take tests to make sure you're healthy enough to have surgery. If your health does not respond, you can conduct the surgery at another time.

Step 3: Surgery

Before going to the operating table, you will be numbed by the doctor so that the process will not feel pain. After the anesthesia, perform the surgery with a full range of modern, absolutely sterile machines and an operating room that ensures safety standards for health and the incision.




4- The VLine chin surgery procedure goes through four steps

Step 4: Care after surgery

After a successful operation, the patient will be taken back to the room to rest so that the doctor can monitor the health status as well as the incision. If everything is fine, you will be able to go home and be advised by the doctor about taking medicine after surgery and taking care of the wound. They will also give you an appointment for a follow-up examination and thread removal.

Notes after VLine chin surgery

After VLine chin surgery, you should pay attention to monitor the incision situation to see if there are any strange phenomena to take timely measures. At the same time, please note some of the following things to help you heal faster, giving you the beauty you want.

  • To reduce swelling after the first two days of surgery, you should use ice to apply for about 30 minutes every 30 minutes.
  • Avoid touching the surgical area to limit injury and pain.
  • Do not use hard, crispy, hot spicy foods, but prefer soft foods such as soup, porridge, soup, milk...
  • You should avoid eating foods that can leave scars such as eggs, chicken, sticky rice, water spinach, seafood,...
  • Limiting massage and palpation in any position on the face makes the recovery process slower.
  • Compression tape must be used without interruption to avoid deformation.
  • Limiting communication, laughing loudly, opening the mouth will affect the incision inside the mouth.
  • Use warm salt water to clean your teeth.
  • Follow the instructions of the doctor, take the correct medicine prescribed by the doctor according to the correct schedule.
  • Get regular check-ups and let your doctor know if there are any complications.

Above is the information about the VLine chin surgery procedure and the surgical notes. Hope you will have a successful surgery to have a more balanced, delicate and charming face.


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