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Jaw surgery is actually a form of orthopedic surgery that corrects abnormalities in the jawbone. So specifically, how long does it take to heal and stop swelling? Is this process dangerous? Let's dig into these details now.

1. How long does jaw surgery take?

Overbite surgery is actually a rather complicated case. Therefore, it may take the doctor 2-3 hours to complete this entire work. However, the time required for overbite surgery depends on many factors such as the degree of protrusion, the skill of the doctor... After the wound is healed, the person undergoing surgery will have a more balanced face than before. At the same time, teeth and bite joints are also adjusted to help us feel more confident with a beautiful and bright smile.

A overbite surgery takes about 2-3 hours
A overbite surgery takes about 2-3 hours

2. How long does jaw surgery take to heal?

There is not an exact time as well as for sure how long it will take for posterior jaw surgery to clear up swelling and heal completely. This is also related to many factors such as the health of the person undergoing surgery, the skill of the doctor, the post-operative care… However, we can rest assured that this will not last too long. On average, it only takes about 6 weeks for a person to heal. Specifically, we will go through the following stages:

  • One day after surgery: At this point, you will stay in the hospital to be monitored by the doctor, along with the use of pain relievers and swelling.
  • First three days: During this time, the jaw will be sore and swollen. People undergoing surgery need to adhere to taking pain and swelling medications prescribed by the doctor.
  • Next week: The swelling and pain should subside. Note that this process may be faster.
  • About 10 days after surgery: Jaw pain and swelling are gone, soft foods can be eaten.
  • Next 3-6 weeks: The jaw will heal gradually and almost return to normal.
  • 3-6 months after surgery: The bone will heal completely. At this point, we can be completely confident with our new look.

It should be emphasized that how long overbite surgery takes to heal depends a lot on the care after the procedure. Therefore, you need to adhere, remember and follow your doctor's instructions to get the best results.

Jaw surgery usually takes about 6 weeks to heal
Jaw surgery usually takes about 6 weeks to heal

3. Review of overbite surgery

After the overbite surgery, I feel more confident

To help everyone get specific information about this process as well as less wondering about the question of how long does overbite surgery take to heal, I would like to share a detailed review of my own overbite surgery process.

3.1. Before surgery

My protrusion is quite severe, my upper teeth come out quite a lot, so I am very self-conscious. Before deciding to have jaw surgery at the East Rose Dental Clinic, I also thought about getting braces. However, when I went to the doctor, I found out that braces will not help me overcome many of these disadvantages, but it will take a long time. Therefore, doctors recommend that you choose jaw surgery.

I pondered a lot before deciding to follow this advice. Partly because of fear of high costs, partly because of worries about how long overbite surgery will take, whether it will be as desired and fear of pain anymore. I think this is a common sentiment among people. However, after going through the surgery, I find this is actually a right choice. The doctors will advise you very enthusiastically, so do not worry too much. Think of a time when you have a more balanced, more confident face when smiling for motivation.

How much does jaw surgery cost is a concern of many people. Knowing the cost of overbite surgery will help you be more proactive in financial preparation before performing the surgery.

Read more herehttps://eastrosedental.com/en/how-much-does-jaw-surgery-cost-reputable-surgery-address.html

3.2. During surgery

When entering the surgery, I will be anesthetized by the doctors so I don't feel any pain. The entire surgery takes about 90 minutes to complete. When I woke up, I didn't feel much different than before. After that, I was allowed to stay in the clinic for 24 hours for the doctors to monitor. I was given painkillers and reduced swelling, so I almost felt no pain after that, just a little numb. After a day, I was sent home.

3.3. After jaw surgery

I was instructed very carefully about the care after jaw surgery, including eating and using medicine as well as measures to reduce swelling. In fact, after going home, there is pain and swelling in the face. This is unavoidable. However, my face is swollen and pain is not much, maybe partly due to the physical condition and partly because the surgery is conducted by highly skilled doctors and I take good care of myself.

For the first few days, I only ate thin porridge to limit jaw movement. Along with that, I apply cold compresses and take pain relievers to limit swelling and pain. In addition to porridge, I also drink fruit juice to supplement nutrients for the body. These days I rest completely and do not work.

After about the 10th day onwards, I started to eat rice and soft foods. However, when eating, do not chew in the front, but only in the inside. At this point, the discomfort is almost gone, but it is still necessary to completely avoid hard and chewy foods. Some dishes such as sticky rice, beef, chicken, seafood, I always abstain until after the 5th week to practice eating again to avoid itching, swelling or pus in the wound.

If you ask how long it takes for overbite surgery to heal, it's about 6 weeks for me. When I re-examined, the doctors were also quite surprised with the speed of my recovery. Perhaps for some of you it will take longer. Now I am more confident with my smile. I feel it's right to choose this method to overcome facial blemishes.

The above information and honest reviews hope to help you answer the question of how long does it take for overbite surgery to heal. This is a fairly quick, safe and effective long-term beauty method. Choose for yourself a prestigious clinic with highly skilled doctors, you will soon have a balanced face and bright smile as you dreamed.

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