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Double jaw surgery is difficult and complicated, requiring a team of highly qualified doctors and modern equipment. Therefore, the cost of these surgeries will also be relatively high. The following article will share with you how much double jaw surgery cost at the reliable clinics. 

The cost of double jaw surgery depends on the difficulty of this technique. Double jaw surgery is highly complex, requiring high meticulousness in the whole process. Let's learn about the surgical procedure at the cosmetic surgery clinic.

Double jaw surgery

Double jaw surgery is a surgical process to correct both the upper and lower jaw bones to treat jaw abnormalities, aberrations of the face in the jaw region such as protruding mouth, misaligned jaw, underbite, etc. surgery, not only helps patients restore chewing function and also have an ideal beautiful face.

The customers will be helped to correct many different types of facial aberrations caused by the abnormal position and shape of the jaw, by correcting the incorrect position. From there, overcome the chewing function and aesthetics.

When doing double jaw surgery at reliable Clinic, customers will be conducted according to a closed and professional process, including the following steps:

Step 1: Examination, X-ray

Customers are conducted a general examination of the oral health, x-rays to find out the exact cause, the degree of deviation of the jaw as well as the specific location of the nerves.

Step 2: Make a plan to adjust the jaw specifically

After having specific images, the doctor will determine the cause and make a detailed two-jaw surgery plan with a clear process, the ratio to be adjusted, the cut line, the cutting position...

Step 3: General health check

To ensure that the surgery is done safely, to minimize the possible complications. Customers will be conducted a general health check, do blood tests, urine, blood pressure measurement, electrocardiogram ...

Step 4: Clean your teeth

You will be carried out oral hygiene before surgery, remove tartar, iron bacteria, treat oral diseases to avoid infection in the blood during surgery.

Step 5: Carry out surgery

Customers will be taken into a sterile, modern, closed operating room with all the necessary equipment and machines, helping the surgery to take place smoothly, successfully and quickly.

Step 6: Care after surgery

You will be moved to the care and monitoring room after the surgery is complete. Before being discharged from the hospital, the patient will be carefully and meticulously re-examined by the doctors to ensure there are no abnormal signs. You are reminded and noted the care issues to help the wound heal quickly and to be re-examined on time.


Figure 2: Lower jaw surgery is difficult and requires many techniques

How much does double jaw surgery cost at the clinics?

Many people when performing double jaw surgery always want to look for a low-cost surgical clinic to save costs. But they forget that this is a highly difficult surgery, to be successful and safe requires a team of good doctors, modern techniques, advanced machines, and the process takes place in aseptic...

Therefore, when performing double jaw surgery, what customers need to pay attention to is to find a reputable, experienced unit with a team of good doctors and modern equipment. Only then can the safety and success of the implementation be ensured.


The cost of double jaw surgery is quite high and depends on the complexity of each specific case

At some cosmetic surgery Clinics, the cost for a double jaw surgery is at the price from 70 million VND to 150 million VND, depending on the complexity of each case. This is considered a fairly reasonable price at a reputable, good quality clinic on the market today.

It can be seen that the cost of double jaw surgery is quite high, but it is completely reasonable for a surgery with difficult complexity, requiring many techniques. Hope the information about the question of double jaw surgery will help you in making the decision to have surgery, helping to change your life.






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