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Post-surgery care for 2 jaws for  quick recovery

Double jaw surgery is surgery to cut the upper and lower jaw bones to reposition the jaw. This method helps bring a harmonious and beautiful face. After surgery, how to care is also an important factor affecting the safety and effectiveness of aesthetics surgery. The East Rose Dental will share with you the following effective postoperative care regimens.

Wound and dental care after surgery

According to cosmetologists, after two jaw surgeries, the jawbone and surrounding soft tissues are in the process of regeneration. Therefore, you need to take careful and proper care to avoid hurting the surgical wounds in the following ways:

·        In the first 2-3 days, the wound will be a little sore, you should apply ice to relieve the pain.

·        Gargle with salt water or a specialized water such as Listerine for the first 7 days after surgery to kill bacteria.

·        You should limit brushing around the vestibular area, only brushing the molars for at least the first 10 days.

·        Choose a soft-bristled brush to avoid the risk of rubbing the wound.

·        It is possible to use more dental floss to remove food stuck in between teeth, causing dental diseases.

·        Always be careful and gentle when cleaning your teeth every day to avoid unwanted damage.

·        Take antibiotics and pain relievers as prescribed by your doctor.

·        Follow up with scheduled appointments and cut surgical sutures as prescribed by the doctor.


Use dental floss to remove leftovers


Rest mode after surgery

After double jaw surgery, you should take time to rest and avoid doing heavy work to regenerate energy. Besides, it is necessary to keep a comfortable mind to help the wound heal faster. Mental fatigue will cause aches and pains and wounds will be slower to heal.


Make a reasonable rest regime

Diet after surgery

Diet after surgery is an issue you need to pay attention to, especially in the first days of double jaw surgery.

How should I eat?

Should prioritize soft foods, avoid chewing such as milk, porridge, soup... Do not choose hard or flexible foods such as sugarcane, marshmallows... At this time, the jaw has not fully recovered, so you need to chew gently, slowly.

To avoid inflammation, infection or complications after surgery, foods such as seafood, water spinach, sticky rice, etc. should be avoided. Besides, do not use any alcoholic beverages or stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco... This is one of the main causes of slow wound healing, even infection of the surgical site.


Do not drink alcoholic beverages after jaw surgery

The best suggested menu after 2 jaw surgery

The teeth are responsible for the function of biting and chewing food, so when having surgery, it is necessary to build a diet to quickly stabilize the jaw and teeth. You need to make the menu as follows:

·        The first 2 days eat porridge, soup to limit chewing activities.

·        For the next 1 month, it is necessary to maintain a gentle diet with soft foods and gradually change with the inherent foods.

·        Supplement nutrition with nutritious drinks such as fresh milk, smoothies, etc.

·        During this process do not use spicy, hot, sticky, hard foods...

·        Grind more meat and fish into the porridge, simmer it until it's nutritious.

Maintain follow-up visits according to the doctor's appointment

Re-examination for the doctor to check and determine the condition of the teeth after 2 jaw surgery. In addition, if any abnormality appears, experts will have timely adjustment plans and provide appropriate solutions.


Carry out regular follow-up visits according to the appointment schedule

Usually, the follow-up appointment is on the first 2 days of the week, followed by 1 week after the orthodontic surgery. If the condition of your molars is stable, you will need to come back for a check-up in 3 months.

Find reputable surgical addresses

In addition to the post-surgery care regimen of 2 jaws, you should find a reputable clinic to ensure the correct surgery and appropriate intervention options. From there, the wound after surgery will heal faster.


Proper post-surgery care will help reduce pain and make the wound heal faster. Always follow the doctor's instructions to help the recovery process faster and achieve the desired effect.



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