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It seems like everyone knows that honey is the ultimate antidote for bad breath since it’s really popular and has been used by many people. However, what’s the secret to getting the most out of this natural remedy and put an end to bad breath once and for all?

Why is honey good for your breath?

Research done by the CDC shows that around 50% of Americans suffer from certain forms of periodontitis. Studies have proven that manuka honey can fight off harmful oral bacteria responsible for the formation of plaque, gum inflammation, and cavities.

To prevent cavities and ensure gum health, it’s vital to keep bad oral bacteria causing plaque on a tight leash. However, you can’t completely get rid of the good bacteria which work to protect your oral health.

To be more specific, research suggests that the high antibacterial property of manuka honey is wonderful at inhibiting the proliferation of harmful oral bacteria such as P. gingivalis and A. actinomycetemcomitans.

Another study looked at the impact of chewing or simply keeping honey in one’s mouth on the management of plaque and gum inflammation. The honey used for chewing was made of manuka honey and is most similar to a chewy honey candy.

After three daily meals, people who participated in the study were instructed to either chew or just put the honey candy in their mouth for 10 minutes or chew sugar-free gum.

The group who chewed honey experience a huge reduction in plaque and gum bleeding, compared to those who chewed the sugar-free gum.

You may consider using honey is a counterintuitive idea as it’s too sweet. After all, sweets are the culprits behind cavities. However, unlike candies and refined sugar, honey is highly antibacterial, making it unlikely to contribute to cavities.

How to use honey to treat bad breath?

In the following infographic, we show you how to effectively battle bad breath using honey.

How to effectively battle bad breath with honey

Honey as a natural remedy for bad breath with saves you from bad breath. However, it’s best to incorporate other oral care methods. If you can keep your oral care game on track, you’ll get the confidence you need to shine around people.