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A lopsided chin will make you feel very self-conscious in communication. Even if you really want to improve this condition, you can't afford the surgery. Don't worry or wonder about that problem, follow the article below to know how to fix the simple chin problem at home as well as learn about the root cause of the chin deviation so that it won't happen again. .

The cause of the face is deviated

For people with a deviated chin, it is usually caused by many reasons, which are:

Congenital deviated chin

A deviated chin can be congenital from genetic factors, asymmetrical and deviated due to a misaligned jaw or facial bones. The gene that causes this misalignment of the chin has been present since birth, and in the process of growing up, it cannot improve the jawbone structure. If the deviation is too much, it will affect the face as well as lose aesthetics.


A deviated chin can be caused by genetic factors

The chin is deviated due to living habits

If you have a habit of sleeping on one side without changing position or chewing food on one side. This will cause the jaw joint to shift to the side that often chews or the side that often lies on the side. Moreover, if you often shower late, apoplexy will make your chin deviate and pull the whole face off.

The chin is deviated due to the influence of disease or sequelae from an accident

One of the causes of a deviated chin is dangerous diseases that strongly affect the nerves. From there, cause them to shrink and shift to one side. Usually, this condition occurs in people who have had a malformed stroke. There may be problems in work accidents or traffic accidents that directly affect the chin, causing the facial bones to deform or deviate.

How to fix a simple chin deviation at home

Many of you are afraid to communicate or make friends because your face loses its aesthetics due to a misaligned chin. The method of orthopedic chin deviation is considered effective in a short time, but the cost sometimes makes many people consider it. Although home remedies can only improve a bit, you can also refer to it right away to make your face look better.

Correction of a misaligned chin with Makeup

Surely you can see the miracles that makeup brings to. These makeup techniques are like a "witch" with see magic, "transforming" to change the shape of the face at certain angles. With simple make-up manipulations, you can create shadow and higlight to cover the flaws on your face.


The Make Up technique can be used to create contours to conceal facial flaws

This method applies the trick of using powder to create color contour to define and highlight the places you want, masking the imperfect areas on the mirror. However, this solution does not apply to those who have too much chin deviation. Proceed as follows:

Select the position to cover, mark the powder color to use on that position.

Choose highlights for the forehead, cheeks, middle and bottom of the chin with a dark block for the corners of the jawbone and chin.

Pay attention to brush evenly, gently following the places that have been covered with powder.

Overcome with facial massage

Facial massage every day is also capable of curing chin deviation that does not come from the bone structure. But if you have a misaligned chin due to problems with the bone structure, then affecting the soft tissue will not bring results. Besides, this is also a way worth trying, helping us relax, feel more comfortable. Proceed as follows:

·   You need to wash your face and hands, then apply moisturizing oil on your face.

·   Open the palms facing both cheeks, gently stroke from the bottom of the chin to the top.

·   Use the back of your hand to continue stroking from your temple to your cheekbones.

Fix by Mewing method

This method of Dr. Michael Mew helps to shape the bones and facial muscles more beautifully and clearly. This is an exercise that helps push your entire tongue up the roof of your throat to change your facial bones. Proceed as follows:

·   First, keep your head straight and then put your tongue on the roof of your throat so that the gums between the two front teeth cannot touch the teeth. You can open your mouth and pronounce the letter N and keep your mouth in that position, making sure your tongue doesn't touch your teeth.

·   Next, count 1, 2, 3 and then perform the movement 1 in turn, close your mouth so that your tongue enters the palate without touching your teeth, 2 you pull your tongue back, and finally, 3 just swallow. .


The Mewing method helps to shape the bones and muscles of the face more beautifully and clearly



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