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A misaligned chin will disrupt the balance of facial lines where the nose is the center line, which makes your appearance less beautiful and luxurious. Many people have turned to plastic surgery to change the appearance of their faces. So what do you need to keep in mind before deciding to correct a deviated chin? Follow the article and you will have the answer right away.

What is a deviated chin?

A deviated chin is a phenomenon in which the chin bone is disproportionate to the facial axis and tends to shift to the left or right side. The facial axis is defined as the straight line connecting from the center of the forehead to the axis of the nose, through the middle of the lips, and to the middle of the chin. Deviation from the face axis will determine the deviation of the chin, with cases where the chin is greatly deviated, it is easy to recognize the imbalance from the front view.

The phenomenon of chin deviation makes the face unbalanced, less beautiful and unnatural. This has led to feelings of inferiority and apprehension for many people at work and in life. They have found ways to handle it, but it is difficult to improve without using orthopedic surgery at a reputable clinic.


A misaligned chin is a facial asymmetry caused by the chin deviating to one side

Reasons for a deviated chin

The number of people with chin deviation is relatively high, so what is the reason? Here are some of the main reasons for this phenomenon.

·   Congenital.

·   Due to an accident, strong trauma.

·   Because plastic surgery is damaged when applying inappropriate tools, doctors lack experience, expertise, poor quality of chin fillers, improper post-operative care.

What to keep in mind before deciding to correct a deviated chin?

To make the cosmetic process go smoothly, safely and bring the desired surgical results. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Know your own health

You need to declare your health status to your doctor, if you have any medical conditions, you must notify them for measures to be taken. Moreover, your body is allergic to some ingredients of the drug, it also needs to be informed in advance to choose the right drug.

If you have any health problems, you need to report to your doctor such as anemia that needs to be supplemented with blood, flu, snivel, you also need to consider or postpone the surgery so as not to be affected. You absolutely do not use any medicine 7-10 days before surgery to ensure that it does not lead to hemophilia during surgery.


Need to know your own health before orthopedic

Do not use stimulants and smoke

Drinks and stimulants will affect blood pressure and sugar which will affect the success of the surgery. Before surgery, you should abstain from stimulants such as tobacco and alcohol. Smoking can affect blood clotting during surgery. Therefore, you should stop smoking at least 2 weeks before having cosmetic surgery.

Abstain from eating

For the surgery to go smoothly, you should abstain from eating and drinking anything including water. You should avoid everything 6 hours before surgery to make sure it doesn't affect the effect. Eating abstain is also the answer when someone asks you what to keep in mind before deciding to correct a misaligned chin.


You are required to complete all tests and health assessments for the doctor to make a final decision. At the same time, you should complete the necessary paperwork so that you have at least 30 minutes to prepare for the surgery. It is best to have a deep sleep and have an optimistic and happy spirit before surgery, which will be very good for your health and success.


Before surgery, you must complete all paperwork

Safe facial bone surgery Clinic

This is a major intervention to the maxillofacial region, so it requires a doctor with high expertise and modern machinery. Therefore, before surgery, you should choose a reputable and quality orthopedic clinic.


Thus, the article has helped you know what to keep in mind before deciding to correct a misaligned chin. If you are about to undergo surgery to correct a misaligned chin, please follow all the above notes to have a successful surgery. Please contact the reliable clinic  for consultation and quotation. 



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