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Zirconia all-ceramic teeth belong to the aesthetic technique, which is also a popular restoration service chosen by many people today. To help you identify this porcelain tooth model among countless other types of porcelain cosmetic dentistry, you can refer to the information shared below.
About Zirconia all-ceramic teeth
Zirconia porcelain crown is one of the commonly applied methods in dentistry that is of great interest to many people. Up to this point, Zirconia is widely used, loved for its high biocompatibility. Zirconia porcelain teeth have an inner structure and an outer rib layer, made of 100% Zirconia.

1- Zirconia porcelain crown is one of the commonly applied methods
Accordingly, Zirconia is a metal oxide with high fracture resistance and wear resistance, so Zirconia porcelain teeth have many outstanding advantages. Not only the hardness but also high wear resistance, very good heat resistance. Zirconia porcelain crowns are completely metal-free, possessing many advantages that other porcelain crown methods cannot have.
The advantages of the all-ceramic method of Zirconia
Through modern technologies, scientists have produced quality, lifelike porcelain teeth. Here are the advantages of Zirconia crowns:
Highly aesthetic
Thanks to the dual-porcelain structure, Zirconia porcelain teeth always retain their original color and are naturally bright and white. Thanks to that, users are always confident with a bright and flawless smile.
High security
Zirconia all-ceramic teeth are white like real teeth, without a metal core, so there is no oxidation, black gums. In the long run, no chemical reactions are formed, keeping the gums and jawline comfortable and safe. Moreover, this method has high soft tissue compatibility, so there is no gum allergy or gingivitis, bad breath or affecting other teeth.

2- The method has high soft tissue compatibility
High accuracy
With high hardness material, all-ceramic zirconia teeth have very good bearing capacity, there is no abrasion or chipping of teeth when eating or biting hard objects. The design of the tooth rib is applied with advanced and modern CAD / CAM technology, so it helps to ensure high accuracy and precision to every detail for each all-ceramic tooth.
Helps preserve real teeth
When conducting Zirconia porcelain crowns, dentists will only grind 0.5mm - 1mm of tooth tissue to protect the adjacent real teeth as much as possible. In addition, this type of porcelain teeth also minimizes rubbing against surrounding teeth thanks to the meticulously crafted porcelain layer.
High durability, suitable for many objects
Zirconia porcelain teeth are firmly attached to the pulp, so they can last in the oral cavity for 10-20 years. Moreover, anyone can use this method such as tooth loss, dullness, chipped teeth... However, this technology also has some limitations such as a bit high cost, which can cause sensations. stinging when performing.

3- Zirconia all-ceramic teeth are firmly attached to the pulp
Zirconia porcelain crown process
The process of porcelain crowns is taken place sequentially in strict steps with the implementation protocol built by the doctor suitable for each patient. Basically include:

  • Oral examination: The doctor consults, does a general examination to determine the condition of the teeth, takes accurate measurements of the teeth to be replaced and other oral diseases for treatment before replacement.
  • Up the arch of the facet joint: The doctor takes the measurement, up the arc by copying the movement of the lower jaw with a plaster sample for the best fit.
  • X-ray film: Check the condition of the teeth and pulp to give good treatment, limit risks and decide on the appropriate restoration method.
  • Test ribs and check bite, crown: Perform carefully, check the ability to cause pain, strength and balance between the teeth behind the crown.

How to care for all Zirconia porcelain teeth?
Dental care is a mandatory requirement that you need to perform every day, especially with zirconia porcelain teeth that need to be done even more carefully. If not careful, done carelessly, in the wrong way can damage teeth. After eating, you should clean your teeth with floss, salt water and brush your teeth to remove leftover food from between your teeth.

4- Taking care of your teeth is a mandatory requirement that you need to do every day
Above, the article has shared information about Zirconia porcelain teeth. This method helps to quickly improve the condition of defective teeth, helping you to have a confident and radiant smile in front of the crowd.



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