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Owning a long chin that is not charming will make many people self-deprecating and guilty. There is no confidence when interacting with many people around. Long chin surgery was born to bring the optimal solution to help people with long chin regain a natural and balanced chin shape. Read on to learn more about the long chin surgery!

1. Why should you have long chin surgery?

A long chin is a condition in which the chin bone is overdeveloped, and protrudes out of the line from the forehead to the nose to the chin. This is a defect on the face that is easily seen with the naked eye, a long chin will make the face asymmetrical, the facial bones have a rough feeling that looks unfriendly.

Long chin surgery method to bring a natural balanced chin shape

The defect of a long chin not only makes the face look unsightly but also causes low self-esteem, shame in contact with people around. In some cases, it also adversely affects the health of the person with a long chin. Therefore, long chin surgery is the only solution to overcome this defect to help you regain a balanced and natural chin shape. This is also the solution chosen by many people.

2. Advantages of current long chin surgery method

Currently, with advanced methods and techniques in aesthetics, long chin surgery is performed quickly and is guaranteed to be maximum safety as well as highly improved efficiency after surgery. To perform long chin surgery, the specialist doctor will make a small incision inside the oral cavity and then proceed to dissect to the position of the jawbone to be removed. Using modern machines that directly affect the chin bone and the technique of sliding the chin forward or backward to bring the desired balanced and natural chin shape.

Long chin surgery is now performed quickly, safely and with high efficiency

Your chin bone will be perfectly corrected and firmly fixed. The method of long chin surgery is highly appreciated by experts because of the following outstanding advantages:

  • Thoroughly solving the long chin defect, it gives the opportunity to own a face with a naturally balanced chin shape.
  • The surgery is quick and not too complicated. Minimally invasive, no pain, no scars, no recovery time.
  • Modern chin reduction technique, using advanced equipment, precise manipulation does not cause complications after surgery.
  • The effect of long chin surgery is sustained over time.

3. Procedure for performing long chin surgery

Currently, to perform the conventional long chin surgery method will undergo the following basic steps:

Step 1: Consultation and examination

When you want to perform long chin surgery, you will be examined by specialists about your overall condition. Analyze the cause as well as give orientation to handle the chin shape in the most appropriate and effective way.

Consultation and examination of long chin surgery

Step 2: Conduct a health check and take a facial bone scan

After conducting the necessary health check-up procedures to consider whether your condition can be operated on, the doctor will take you to take an X-ray of the jaw bone to be able to capture specific, detailed and exact structure of your jaw and chin. From there, the doctors will conduct consultations and come up with the most optimal intervention solution.

Conduct a health check and take a facial bone scan

Step 3: Administer anesthesia before long chin surgery

Anesthesia before surgery will help you feel comfortable and do not feel any pain as well as create favorable conditions for doctors when conducting surgery.

Step 4: Conduct long chin surgery

This process will be carried out by highly qualified and technical doctors using modern methods with the support of advanced facilities in a sterile closed room.

Long chin surgery performed

Step 5: Post-operative care and follow-up examination.

After surgery, you will be transferred to the care room and monitored for 24 hours before you leave the hospital. Before you leave the hospital, you need to pay attention to some care issues according to the doctor's instructions and follow-up appointments on time


4. The most prestigious and quality standard long chin surgery today

Choosing long chin surgery at the East Rose Dental Clinic, you will experience international quality services committed to maximum safety. This is one of the aesthetic addresses that are highly appreciated by experts as well as receiving many positive feedbacks from customers.

When choosing long chin surgery at The East Rose Dental Clinic, you will be directly examined and performed by experienced specialists. In particular, our clinic is invested with the most advanced and modern equipment and technology in the beauty industry today. The spacious operating room space ensures 100% sterility, Phong provides fully equipped post-surgery care to help you feel most comfortable. The East Rose Dental Clinic is committed to providing customers with the safest and best quality long chin surgery service.

Currently, The East Rose Dental Clinic is listing a public price for long chin surgery service of VND 55,000,000. Especially, the unit is having a discount program for customers when visiting and doing long chin surgery services down to 45,000,000 VND. Besides, the East Rose Dental is currently having a PROMOTION program UP TO 70% OFF ALL DENTAL SERVICES. For more detailed information and specific service price list here, please contact Oriental Rose Dental Clinic immediately.


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