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Orthopedic chin deviation is a method that many women care about and love to own a balanced face. However, not everyone knows what to do after corrective chin surgery. Here is a summary of notes after orthopedic chin deviation you should refer to to know how to care and protect.

1. Need to have a reasonable rest regime

You have just undergone a surgery to correct a misaligned chin and it has more or less impact on your health. That's why after orthopedic chin deviation you need to pay attention to the rest mode of the body.

In particular, you should abstain from vigorous activities, avoiding the impact on the face, especially the chin area, which is easy to wounded. Do not talk much, chew hard things, should be gentle and slow with gentle movements in the chin area.

After correcting a misaligned chin, it is necessary to have a reasonable rest regime

In addition, you should take measures to reduce swelling and bruising by applying ice very effectively. Applying ice will help reduce pain and swelling significantly, so apply ice continuously for 24 hours to improve the above condition.

Besides, warm compress also helps the bruise to dissolve, you just need to take a warm towel, close a hot water bottle and apply it on the bruise, perform a gentle massage. You should do it with very gentle and careful manipulation to ensure the safety of the orthopedic surgery area.

2. Have a scientific diet

After undergoing chin surgery, the body needs to recover, so taking care of your daily meals is essential. The first days you should drink milk, and the next few days should eat porridge and liquids.

Should have a diet and eat soft foods

Besides, you also limit carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages and do not smoke. At the same time, you should also abstain from eating foods that affect the incision such as spinach, chicken, beef, seafood, eggs, sticky rice, etc. These foods contain substances that can cause itching, swelling and inflammation at the incision position.

3. Clean oral hygiene

In addition to diet and rest, clean oral hygiene also helps the chin surgery wound to heal quickly. Because the chin area is the position in contact with the teeth, oral hygiene also ensures the safety of the surgical area.

You may not be able to brush your teeth at first, but you can rinse your mouth regularly to ensure that your teeth are clean and avoid dangerous infections and infections. And after 2 weeks you can do normal brushing, combined with mouthwash to ensure clean hygiene.

4. Periodic monitoring and checking

A successful chin correction surgery does not guarantee you everything. Especially orthopedic deviation chin also directly affects our aesthetic beauty. Therefore, you should have regular check-ups at least once a year to monitor your recovery and identify possible changes.

If the case after orthopedic chin face, you see some unusual symptoms. You should see a doctor for timely intervention to avoid unnecessary risks.

Periodic visit to monitor the recovery process

5. A safe and reputable place to conduct surgery to correct a misaligned chin

You are in need of orthopedic chin deviation, but do not know a reputable and really safe place? This is really a concern for many people because surgery often carries many risks. That's why, before carrying out orthopedic surgery, you should choose a reputable place and have the best customer care policy.

The East Rose Dental Clinic is the most prestigious and reliable clinic in Vietnam

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Thus, the above article has given the following notes after orthopedic chin deviation and a reliable address for you to perform safe and quality chin correction. Hope the information will be useful to you and your function more beautiful.

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