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Does bad breath take a toll on your self-confidence? Preventing tartar buildup not only keeps your breath fresh but also reduces your risk of cavities!

What is tartar?

Tartar (also known as calculus) describes the hardened plaque full of bacteria on your teeth. It's stuck on the surface, hides under the gumlines, and on your dental filling, bridge, or mouthguard, etc. As time goes by, plaque hardens into tartar, causing lots of trouble for dental health including bad breath, discolored teeth, and even exposure to the risk of gingivitis.

How to prevent tartar buildup?

In the following infographic, we will learn about why tartar is dangerous for your health and how to prevent them. 

Prevent tartar

If you notice tartar buildup, visit your dentist and do tartar removal. Besides, it’s best to have a dental checkup every 6 months so your dentist can keep an eye on you and clean your teeth regularly.