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Today, many people look to long chin surgery to help overcome facial blemishes. Besides finding out the reputable clinic, the price, how to care after long chin surgery is very necessary. Go along to follow the advice of doctors.

Manifestations after long chin surgery

After successful surgery, you will experience some health problems and facial changes. You need to know the symptoms to prepare mentally and have the most appropriate treatment:

·   Pain: You will feel mild pain with discomfort after surgery to cut.

·   Swelling, bruising: After surgery, swelling and bruising appear and after a while will gradually decrease. Usually, it will gradually decrease from 3 to 6 months, depending on the health condition of each person.

·   Temporary face imbalance: The swelling, temporary imbalance will gradually improve later.


After surgery, there are symptoms of swelling and pain

How to care after long chin surgery

To ensure that it is necessary to have a care regimen after long chin surgery to quickly recover the incision and limit the occurrence of other phenomena. Here are the post-surgery care you should know.

Take anti-inflammatory pain relievers

After surgery, swelling and pain will occur. This is a normal phenomenon, the doctor will prescribe you a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. You should take it as directed to prevent inflammation and relieve pain.


Taking anti-inflammatory drugs after surgery

Hold the bandage in place

After trimming the long chin, the doctor will use fixed compressed bandage to keep the face fixed and not deviate, and at the same time avoid contact to that position. Therefore, you should keep the pressure bandage fixed for 48 hours, do not arbitrarily remove the bandage will affect the chin area.

Dental hygiene

Oral hygiene is the care after long chin surgery you should be concerned about. At this time, the chin area is damaged, you cannot use a toothbrush naturally. So, rinse your mouth with salt water after each meal to avoid infection. Combine with ice for the first 2-3 days to reduce swelling. If bruises appear, you can use a warm towel to apply.

Build a reasonable diet

After cutting the chin will directly affect the chin, the mouth will be more difficult to chew. Therefore, instead of eating rice, you should eat porridge, smoothies, soups, .... can be divided into many small meals to provide enough energy for the body. You should avoid eating certain foods such as eggs, water spinach, seafood, sticky rice, .... to heal quickly and not leave bad scars.

Besides, you should use some nutritious foods, vitamins A. C will support wound recovery. Some fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, grapes, bananas, etc. and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. You should not use stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco, which will directly affect the incision.


Build a healthy diet

Avoid vigorous activity in the chin area

You absolutely avoid strong activities in the chin area such as touching, laughing loudly, chewing hard things, ... when the chin is not stable. When going out, you should wear a mask to avoid dust and the surrounding environment.

Reasonable rest mode

Proper rest is one of the ways to care after long chin surgery. After surgery, your body may have lost its strength, and it needs time to rest to recover. You should keep a comfortable mind, an optimistic spirit that loves life will help the wound heal quickly. Do not continue to work too hard, stress will lead to fatigue, long wound healing.

Regular doctor visits

You should actively visit the doctor to understand the condition of the incision. The doctor will give you advice for the wound to heal quickly. At the same time, take timely remedial measures if there are abnormal symptoms.

Prestigious clinic for long chin surgery

Currently, many cosmetic clinic provide long chin surgery services for customers. However, to ensure safety and high aesthetics, you should choose a reputable clinic to perform.

The East Rose Dental Clinic is proud to be a prestigious and professional cosmetology clinic in the field of aesthetics surgery. We have a team of good doctors with 17 to 25 years of experience in the profession committed to providing customers with the safest and best quality service.


Thus, the article has provided the necessary information on how to care after long chin surgery. Hope this information is useful for you to take care of your health in the best way.





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