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Consult many dentists, learn carefully the skills and reputation of doctors before deciding to beautify your teeth.
Life is increasingly modernizing, makes the demand for beauty also increases. So, many people pay attention to dental care, leading to the establishment of a series of dental clinics and aesthetic facilities. Doctor Thu Thuy - The East Rose Dental  (Rose Dental Clinic) - said that because of not understanding carefully about dental facilities, primary treatment doctors ... many people felt into the "advertising trap". The result is money lost gills and an unsatisfactory tooth.

Before - after case dental at the east rose dental clinic

Dr. Thu Thuy tells the story of Mrs. Lan (over 30 years old) who wished to whiten two slightly dark front teeth at a dental clinic. However, the "dentist" advised her to have porcelain teeth in full both jaws, while these teeth are still white and healthy. "She told me because she did not bring enough money, they just worked 12 teeth for her. At the same time, they consulted her to get the root canal treatment. Accidentally knowing the incident, I promptly stopped, "said the doctor.

According to Dr. Thu Thuy, Mrs. Lan's molars teeth had many problems that needed immediate treatment, but they did not advise on treatment. These teeth are important, with large decays and breakages and need a prompt treatment solution to retain teeth, increase chewing power.
"Through the above story, it can be seen that it is very important to be alert when choosing prestigious dentistry. A wise man once said, “Teeth and head hair are the human figures”. Taking good care of your teeth and health is much needed to avoid wasting money and time" Dr. Thuy emphasized. Below are the priority criteria when choosing dentistry on the advice of a consultant.

Refer to many different places

Beauty and dental repair are very important, if clinics do not fix well, it will seriously affect your oral health, your budget and your beauty. According to an at-home research, each person needs to see and consult with at least three doctors, at three different clinics or hospitals.
Consult with many doctors before deciding to have teeth.

Choose a team of highly specialized doctors

According to doctors, this is an important factor determining the success or failure of each surgery and treatment. Experienced doctors, deep expertise and "mind" ... will know exactly about your oral condition, as well as what method should be applied and what should be noted. Highly skilled doctors, with clear qualifications, can have the treatment done faster, pain-free but still ensure the health of patients.
To have beautiful teeth, everyone should carefully research and choose a highly professional doctor.

Practicing critical thinking

Doctors always want to get to know you the best as they can. Many cases come to the dental examination but "hesitated" and did not speak out their questions. "Practice critical thinking,  asking the doctor questions to help them see the problem more multidimensional. “Be open-minded,” said Dr. Thuy, “listen to everything from everyone is good, yet, two-ways thinking is better!, Dr. Thu Thuy stressed.
The East Rose Dental Clinic (Rose Dental Clinic) brings together a team of experienced doctors and medical assistants, always try to bring a beautiful smile to customers. Over the years, we helped thousands of cases with oral defects, brought back our customers’ confidence in communication after 3-7 days of treatment. Contact us for all of your concerns, it is a pleasure for us to answer you!

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