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Meeting the needs of owning a slim and natural face, Vline chin reduction technology was born. A series of cosmetic clinic across the country provide chin reduction surgery services. So where is the safe and quality long chin surgery? Read more articles to find the answer right here.

Some information about long chin reduction surgery method

To change the chin to become slimmer, the surgeon makes an incision in the inner line of the mouth. By applying advanced technology and modern machinery, the doctor conducts dissection of the gums and lower lip to create just enough space to trim the excess jaw and chin bone.

Due to the long chin orthopedic surgery to remove the facial bones, it requires high precision. Doctors must use a specialized ultrasonic bone cutter with the correct division ratio to avoid risks and touching the nervous system. At the end of the surgery, the doctor uses fine sutures to close the incision. Depending on the severity, the surgery can be extended for about 3 hours or more.


Long chin surgery brings a harmonious and balanced face

Is chin reduction surgery right for you?

A long chin is a defect that makes the face look disproportionate and chin reduction surgery is the best option. However, you should only do this method when you ensure the following:

·   Have a long chin, a short chin, or a misaligned chin.

·   Be in good health to perform surgery.

·   No disease in the period of diabetes treatment, hemophilia, diabetes.

·   Not allergic to anesthetic ingredients, anesthetic of drugs used in surgery.

Long chin surgery procedure

Chin reduction surgery is one of the methods that requires meticulous care, modern machinery and professional medical qualifications. Many people are still wondering whether to choose a safe and quality long chin surgery? And what steps will the implementation process go through? Here are the steps that need to be taken to perform the surgery successfully.

Step 1: Consultation and examination

When you want to perform long chin surgery, you will be examined by specialists about your overall condition. Analyze the cause as well as give orientation to handle the chin shape in the most appropriate and effective way.


Consultation and examination of long chin surgery

Step 2: Conduct a health check and take a facial bone scan

After conducting the necessary health checks to see if your condition can be operated on, the technician will conduct an X-ray of the jawbone to accurately grasp the jawbone and chin structure of the patient. From there, doctors will conduct consultations and come up with the most optimal intervention solution.

Step 3: Administer anesthesia before long chin surgery

The anesthetic before surgery will help you feel comfortable and not feel any pain. At the same time, it also creates favorable conditions for doctors when conducting surgery.

Step 4: Conduct long chin surgery

This process will be carried out by highly qualified and technical doctors using modern methods. The surgery is supported by advanced facilities in a sterile closed room.


Long chin surgery performed

Step 5: Post-operative care and follow-up examination.

After surgery, you will be transferred to the care room and monitored for 24 hours before you leave the hospital. Before you leave the hospital, you need to pay attention to some care issues according to your doctor's instructions and follow-up appointments on time

Where is safe and quality long chin surgery?

Currently, many plastic surgery clinic provide long chin reduction services. However, to ensure safety for health as well as high aesthetics, you need to choose a reputable clinic to perform.

The East Rose Dental Clinic always gives customers the best service quality. The reason why the clinic receives the support and trust from customers is:

·   The clinic owns the most modern and advanced medical equipment in Ho Chi Minh City area.

·   The team of doctors specializing in maxillofacial and orthodontics has high professional qualifications, has been intensively trained, and has practiced abroad for many years.

·   Chin reduction technique ensures high quality and safety, bringing comprehensive beauty to the face.

·   The clinic has received the trust and belief of many customers, especially stars and celebrities in Vietnam.

Currently, The East Rose Dental Clinic is having promotions with discounts up to 70% on all dental services. In addition, the surgical environment here is sterile to bring customers the most prestigious service at a competitive price.

 Thus, the article has helped you answer the question of where is safe and quality long chin surgery. For more information and details of the service price list here, please contact the most reliable Clinics for the most attentive service.







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