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Currently, home remedies for long chin are being chosen by many people. This method is both safe and cost-effective. If necessary, apply one of the ways to fix a long chin below.

How to fix a long chin at home with make-up

Makeup is one of the ways to change your entire face. With just a few simple make-up operations, you can trim your chin without surgery, deform your rough chin, long and square chin into a natural elegant pointed chin.

 Surely you can see the miracles that make-up brings. With some simple make-up manipulations, you can also trim your chin without surgery, transforming the rough, square chin into a more elegant pointed chin.

The method of make-up surgery is to use chalk to create blocks of color to define and highlight the places you want others to see. At the same time, conceal the imperfection on your face.

Step 1: Select the positions to be covered, mark the powder color that should make up for that position.

Step 2: In the positions of the forehead, the cheeks, the center, and the bottom of the chin, you should choose highlight. For the jawline, chin should choose a darker color.

Step 3: Apply evenly and gently in the areas where the powder has been covered.


Makeup will help the face slimmer and more balanced

How to trim the chin without surgery thanks to massage

Massage not only works to help blood circulation, but also helps facial muscles become tighter, reducing sagging and sagging facial muscles. However, with home remedies for long chin with this method, you have to be persistent in doing it daily and for a long time.

How to do

·   Step 1: Wash your hands, face and apply moisturizing oil to the face with an appropriate amount.

·   Step 2: Open the palms facing the cheeks, gently manipulate the chin up and down.

·   Step 3: Use the back of your hand to swipe from your temple to your cheekbones.

For this massage method. You need to do it gently and continuously. In the implementation process. You should limit the absorption of foods rich in fat and starch. Instead, you should eat a lot of vegetables, fruit juices to keep your face shape and beautiful skin.


 Massage will help your face slimmer, limit sagging facial muscles

How to fix a long chin thanks to face slimming exercises

One of the ways to fix a long chin at home, which is highly appreciated by experts and oriental medicine doctors, is facial exercises. This method is both safe and not dangerous to help your face slimmer and more balanced.

How to do:

·   Step 1: Squeeze your cheeks in and hold for about 1 minute like that.

·   Step 2: Inflate and stretch cheeks for one minute.

Do this movement continuously for 10 minutes a day and do it regularly for a long time to stretch your facial muscles, remove excess fat, and prevent sagging. Thereby helping to slim the face according to the perfect V-line shape.


Use facial exercises to slim your face

How to trim the chin without surgery thanks to face shaping

Face shaping tapes have become familiar and popular with beauty believers. These products appear a lot in cosmetic hospitals, doctors recommend for subjects undergoing chin reduction surgery.

Therefore, if you do not want to use surgical cutlery, you can use shaping tape in your spare time to have a V-line face and slim your chin. This is extremely simple and highly effective.

How to do

·   Step 1: Prepare a wide shaping bandage with good elasticity, shrink to the desired size.

·   Step 2: Put the shaping bandage on the face and shrink the bandage so that it hugs the face. At first, you should choose a moderate hug so that your face gets used to it, then gradually withdraw the reshaping tape to slim your facial muscles.

·   Step 3: After the facial muscles get used to it, over time you will withdraw a little more. You can use the bandage at bedtime so you don't feel any discomfort.

Using this method, you will not need to use scissors, safe for health, do not feel pain or discomfort. However, the achieved effect is only partially overcome, not having the desired effect.

Of course, for U-shaped, rectangular faces, it is difficult to successfully apply home remedies. In these cases, you need to apply Korean technology V line chin surgery.



Thus, the article has provided readers with safe and effective home remedies for long chin. Try applying to own a slimmer and more beautiful face. Or have a need for cosmetic surgery, please contact the most reliable clinics for timely advice.




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