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When you think about having a perfect and confident smile at the dentist, you've probably thought about porcelain veneers. This is one of the most popular solutions to improve the shape and color of teeth quickly. However, before deciding to perform this procedure, there are many questions that people always ask. What is that question? Let's clarify with The East Rose Dental Clinic right here.

Does porcelain veneer cause any harmful effects?

Does porcelain veneer cause any harmful effects?

Porcelain veneers are a safe, minimally invasive method of beautifying teeth, so they are trusted by many customers. However, if porcelain is applied incorrectly, it can still lead to harmful effects such as:

  • Completely exposes the roots of the teeth, causing food and bacteria to be trapped in the gaps, thereby causing oral diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth decay, bad breath, and more seriously, diarrhea. jowl…
  • Irreversible marks and changes: Once you have veneers applied, you will feel that your teeth have a thin coating, and if this type of veneer is damaged, it may need repair or replacement. This cannot restore your natural teeth.
  • Potential for color misjudgment: Choosing a veneer color can be difficult, and if you are not happy with the color after placement, repairs can be quite complicated to make.

👉 Incorrect porcelain veneers also affect the lifespan of real teeth Therefore, when applying porcelain veneers, customers need to choose reputable clinics with qualified and experienced doctors to get the most perfect set of porcelain teeth. At The East Rose Dental Clinic, this is nothing to worry about because the porcelain bonding process strictly complies with international standards, helping you have perfect teeth without having to worry about the "side effects" mentioned above.

Does porcelain veneer cause germa?

Porcelain veneers do not directly cause bad breath. However, there are several factors that may be associated with bad breath after this procedure:

  • Accumulation of food and bacteria: If you do not maintain daily oral hygiene, food and bacteria can accumulate on the veneer surface as well as between the tooth and the veneer. This can lead to bad breath.
  • Natural Teeth: The natural teeth underneath the veneers still need care. If you ignore natural dental hygiene, this can still cause bad breath problems.
  • Veneer application technique: If the Veneer application process is not done properly, it can cause imbalance in the mouth and cause discomfort, leading to an increased risk of bad breath.

👉To avoid bad breath, you should follow a daily mouth care regimen by brushing your teeth, using dental floss, and rinsing your mouth regularly At the same time, it is important to have regular checkups with your dentist to ensure your veneers and natural teeth are in top condition.

Is porcelain veneer painful?

Almost all cases of porcelain veneers do not cause pain or peeling. Porcelain veneers are a treatment that minimally interferes with real teeth. The bonding process is meticulously and carefully guaranteed by doctors. However, you may experience a slight swelling sensation in some cases.

  • Preparation process: Before applying veneer, a small portion of tooth enamel needs to be ground away to create space for the veneer. This process can make your teeth more sensitive. Often, the dentist will use an anesthetic solution to reduce pain during the procedure.
  • Condition of the original tooth: If you have problems with the resistance of the original tooth, such as gum infection or swelling, you may feel pain when the veneer is applied. Before applying porcelain, the doctor will check the condition of your teeth so you don't have this problem.
  • Initial adjustment: Once the veneer is applied, you may feel some pressure or discomfort for a few days as your mouth and tongue muscles gradually adapt to the change.

These feelings of discomfort or pain usually last only a short time and can be controlled by using pain relievers as directed by your dentist.

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At The East Rose Dental Clinic, customers will not need to worry about the above issues when having porcelain veneer treatment because this is the leading reputable clinic in Ho Chi Minh City for dental treatment. The doctors here are all highly qualified, highly technical, have many years of experience, and have been trained at major medical schools. Together with the most modern and advanced equipment: smile design, trios 3D machine, a body implant scanner, etc., they give you the most perfect smile line with beautiful and healthy veneer teeth without any worrying complications during treatment. Because a healthy and beautiful smile comes with time and years, be a smart customer and choose the most suitable dental method and the most reputable clinic for yourself!

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