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In the past, people who were unlucky enough to own a receding chin often accepted "living" with it. Currently, with the development of cosmetic technology, there are many modern methods of correcting the receding chin. The under article will introduce to you the most popular methods of receding chin surgery, helping you understand better to choose.

Chin augmentation surgery

The receding chin makes the face unbalanced, lacking in aesthetics. To get rid of a low chin, one of the most popular methods is chin implant and sliding shaping. This receding chin surgery involves cutting and reshaping the lower jawbone and requires 6 weeks for full recovery.

Chin implant or chin augmentation is an appropriate choice for the condition of chin reduction lacking soft tissue. In this outpatient procedure, your doctor makes an incision along the crease of your chin. This is usually where the inside of the mouth meets the gum line, then insert the implant and close the incision.


Chin implant is suitable for people with mild or moderate chin

This receding chin surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia. This type of surgery is best suited for people with a mild to moderate indentation of the chin, which means the chin is smaller than the overall face. However, this method can cause scarring or the risk of infection, allergy to the implant. It is necessary to rely on the advice of the appointed doctor before performing surgery.

Korean chin implant

Korean chin implant is one of the ways to thoroughly overcome the disadvantages of a receding chin, creating a slimmer and more attractive chin shape. Accordingly, the material used for this receding chin surgery is imported from abroad or taken by autologous chin bone, providing high compatibility and no complications.


Korean chin implant taken from self-made samples to ensure safety

The entire surgical process is performed simply and gently by specialized doctors, according to the standards set by the Ministry of Health. The doctor will make a small incision in the mucosa, fix it and make it aesthetic. The stitches are hidden in the oral cavity, very small, so there are no scars or complications. The procedure is as follows:

·   Step 1: Visit a doctor and get advice on the condition of a receding chin.

·   Step 2: Measure, draw proportions and outline the appropriate chin shape.

·   Step 3: The material used is cut proportionally.

·   Step 4: Anesthetize, conduct surgery on the chin.

·   Step 5: Sew the incision, examine and advise after surgery.

Genioplasty shaping

In cases where the chin is severely reduced due to bone loss, it is often advised to use Genioplasty.

About Genioplasty

With this type of surgery, the doctor will make an incision on either side of the chin and access the lower jawbone. Then make small cuts to move part of the bone forward. A small metal plate will be used to hold the bone in place.

Genioplasty requires general anesthesia and can cause scarring or infection. If you have any symptoms such as fever, heavy bleeding or oozing near the incision, tell your doctor right away.


Genioplasty shaping helps to correct the chin bone from the inside

Genioplasty surgical procedure:

·   The surgeon makes a cut along the contour of the lower gum and the inner surface of the lower lip.

·   Then, to access the chin bone, the doctor makes an incision in the tissue layer.

·   When the chin bone is exposed, a small longitudinal cut in the chin is made for reference during surgery.

·   The doctor makes a horizontal cut under the root of the tooth and changes the height of the chin by cutting different angles. They may remove part of the wedge-shaped bone to make the chin smaller or move it back.

·   After positioning the chin, the doctor will check the alignment and file the excess bone along the jawline. The chin bone and jawbone will be attached by screws and metal plates. This material can be replaced by biodegradable substances.

·   The incision is sutured closed, and compression bandages are placed on the front and sides of the chin to minimize swelling. You may need to stay 2 nights after surgery for the doctor to monitor your recovery and check for other signs.

·   The doctor advises and guides the post-operative care process to reduce complications and pain.


Implant is a process where the doctor will intervene by shaping, lengthening and raising the chin of the person with the indentation by implanting plastic and silicone around the chin bone area. Accordingly, the doctor will place an implant into the chin bone, fix it with screws or sutures, the post-operative care process is similar to that of Genioplasty.


Implants use silicone pads to fill the chin

Thus, the above article has synthesized the most popular and effective methods of chin surgery. If you have a need to overcome this defect on your face, please come to the direct place immediately for the fastest and safest beauty advice.



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