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A receding chin is considered a defect that makes the face lose its harmony and balance. Whether the degree of undercut is severe or light, it will create an inferiority complex for the owner of the chin. Not only that, people with a low chin are often seen as having a bad horoscope, having trouble in career and love. The article will guide the exercises to help overcome the under-chin condition at home in the article below.

Chin massage at home to have a slim chin

Chin massage at home, without going to a beauty salon, helps you save a lot of time and still improve your defects. You just need to choose for yourself a cream or essential oil to increase the effectiveness of the massage. Consistently apply one of the following ways of massaging the chin to get the best results.


Chin massage creates a slimmer chin

Massage method 1: Put your thumb under the chin and place your index finger under the chin to create a pincer shape. Gently press your hand into the skin and slowly move to the center of the chin. This massage will help tighten the skin, remove excess fat in the chin area and help the receding chin become more pointed, the face more harmonious.

Massage method 2: This way, put your thumb in the area below the ear and then gently press and gently pull the excess fat from under the chin to the middle of the chin. This acupressure movement is to stimulate blood circulation and slow down the aging process. Please alternate 2 ears to help the face relax more.


Persist in performing regular massage to quickly have the desired chin shape

Massage method 3: Place your thumbs under the chin, slowly push outward and up to the temples. This movement aims to remove loose skin under the chin, making the skin more tight, the chin more elegant.

Massage method 4: Place the index finger horizontally on the 2 cheekbones, gently rub the ears. Next, use the backs of your hands to gently press on the cheekbones, gently pushing up. Then, place your fingers on both cheeks, continuously pushing up and down 10 times. This method helps to remove excess fat under the skin of the face, chin skin is extremely effective.

Massage method 4: Place your hands close to your cheeks so that the backs of your hands touch your chin> Gently push your hands towards your ears and continue to slowly massage for about 10 minutes. This way affects the jawbone to help slim the chin and sharper jaw.

Overcome a receding chin by training facial muscles

In addition to massage, you can also spend 3 to 5 minutes a day practicing facial muscles. This method helps to keep the facial muscles comfortable, increases the efficiency of reducing fat under the chin, and helps the chin become more elegant and slimmer.


Practicing presence also helps to improve a receding chin significantly

First, train the facial muscles in the central position. You need to keep your lips tight and close and open your mouth up and down. In the meantime, always push your lips out, straining your face so that the muscles move evenly. Do this movement every day, about 1 minute each time for high efficiency.

You can combine more movements to create a fish-shaped face. Squeeze your cheeks inward and purse your lips. Then, push your head back and reach your chin forward so that your neck and chin are as tight as possible. Perform 15 times, each time holding the chin stretch for about 10 seconds.

Another way to train facial muscles to reduce face fat, create a slimmer chin shape that you can also do every day. Open your mouth wide, lower your tongue with your lower teeth and push as far as you can. Stretching this muscle will stimulate the jaw to grow very well. Try to do 3 minutes every day to achieve the desired results.


The improved receding chin not only improves aesthetics but also improves good luck

In addition to the above ways, you can also perform another movement that mainly affects the chin area by simply pushing the lifting muscle up and down. Pinch your lips and push your bottom lip to your upper lip, lifting your chin as high as you can. This movement should be repeated 15 times and combined with other movements, practice daily to quickly see the most obvious results with your chin.

The above are exercises to help overcome the condition of the chin at home quite effectively. However, with facial massage or facial muscle training, it will need to be maintained for a long time, requiring you to be patient.

Choose the method of surgery for a receding chin

To quickly and effectively correct the receding chin, you can perform the surgical methods of the receding chin. This method is currently chosen by many people because it not only completely overcomes the short chin defect, but also creates a balanced, harmonious and permanent shape. In just about 60 minutes of implementation, you can own yourself a perfect Vline chin, improve your aesthetics and destiny in the future.



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