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Chin implant surgery is one of the most optimal solutions to overcome defects, helping women own slim chin according to V line standards. To know if the surgical method of receding chin is dangerous? The following article will share with readers the most useful information in the article below.

What is receding chin surgery?

The chin plays a very important role in creating the harmonious beauty of the face. According to cosmetologists, a beautiful chin shape is from the top of the nose - lips - chin to form a straight L-shaped line. Especially for those with a crooked chin, this is completely impossible to form a straight line l-Line is.

To overcome this shortcoming, the method of chin surgery was born in Korea. After many years, it has spread to Asian countries, including Vietnam. So what is chin surgery?

Chin surgery is a method of chin augmentation specifically for those who have a short, receding chin. This chin will make many people feel like we are underbite. Therefore, by using a specialized medical instrument, make a small incision inside the mouth to put the filler material in, lengthen the chin shape and adjust it to harmonize with the face.


Figure 1: Low chin surgery is a method to fix a short, round chin that makes you look like you are underbite.

The fillers used can be autologous cartilage taken from the client's own body or can also be artificial fillers. Currently, the method of plastic surgery of the chin with artificial cartilage is very popular because the surgery process takes place quickly.

In addition, the artificial filler material also has absolute compatibility with the body to help limit the rejection phenomenon as well as postoperative complications such as red ball of the nose tip, nose necrosis, nose tip perforation, exposed nose. However, despite being popular, the problem of chin surgery is dangerous and makes many people feel confused and worried.

Is chin surgery dangerous?

In fact, chin surgery is just a simple chin correction compared to major surgeries that do not affect the facial structure and function of the chin. In addition, the method of surgery for the indented chin is also performed according to the standard procedure and high-quality filler material. So you can be completely assured of the safety of this method.


Figure 2: Low chin surgery is just a simple minor surgery that does not affect the facial structure.

In addition, using this method not only does not cause any danger, but also helps you become beautiful thanks to the beautiful Korean standard chin. However, the risk of receding chin surgery also depends on a number of factors such as whether the surgery center of the health department is licensed to operate and practice.

Care mode also greatly affects this surgical method. Moreover, the surgeon must have many years of experience in the profession to be able to perform such perfect cosmetic techniques. . Therefore, if you cannot find a reputable surgical site, this very safe method of chin surgery can cause dangerous complications.

Should choose a reputable clinic for a good chin surgery

In order for the receding chin surgery procedure to be safe and to have the desired effect, you should choose a reputable unit to own a delicate face. Reputable clinics have a team of chin surgery specialists with good expertise and experience. Equipped with modern, complete facilities and ensure aseptic factor.

In addition, today's best high-quality filler materials through the chin orthopedic process are recognized by the Ministry of Health as standard and absolutely safe for customers.

Proper post-surgery care will reduce pain and speed healing. In addition, always follow the instructions of the doctor to achieve the desired effect. For advice and support, please immediately contact the most prestigious beauty centers.



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