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Low chin surgery is a trend that many people choose to create a perfect face. Grasping that trend, a variety of cosmetic addresses have sprung up, causing many women a difficulty when choosing. The following article will "lead" you to a reputable and quality clinic, helping you to remove defects quickly and safely.

Thorough consultation, choose the right chin shape for customers

Unlike other less reputable surgery sites, will advise only a few popular chin styles, regardless of whether it is suitable for customers or not. You wil bel carefully observed and advised on the appropriate chin shape as well as the most effective method of implementation for the customer's face.



Standard and safe technology

Standard technology is one of the factors that create a prestigious brand at the cosmetics surgery Clinics. Here, you will be carried out sequentially from examination, surgery, post-operative care ... to ensure the safe and best results for the surgical procedure of the chin. The methods and techniques performed quickly and simply bring about a quick and painless recovery process.


Modern surgical application technology

Highly qualified doctors directly perform surgery

Cosmetics surgery clinics own a team of experienced doctors, having the right practice certificate and many years of expertise in the field of low chin surgery. You will be consulted and examined by leading doctors in the field of facial aesthetics to bring the most perfect results and ensure absolute safety.


Team of highly qualified doctors and staff

Commitment to safety

Cosmetics surgery clinic is committed to safety, painless surgery, no bad scars or complications after the procedure. Only from 5-7 days, surgery results will quickly stabilize and maintain long-term.

The Clinic is constantly improving and updating advanced medical techniques, helping domestic customers to access the best service. Operating based on the motto of bringing absolute satisfaction to customers, we have brought a perfect, safe and quality plastic surgery environment.

High quality materials used, modern equipment

Surgical technology at The Clinic is certified by the Department of Health for safety, which can be performed for all customers from the age of 18. The materials used to fix the receding chin are tested for safety, without complications and allergies after being inserted into the chin implant. All equipment used for surgery is rigorously tested, performed in a clean room to ensure peace of mind for customers.


Modern equipment, ensuring safety

Competitive cost

The cosmetics surgery Clinic not only brings the best service quality but also has a reasonable price to customers. So, you will be completely assured when choosing us as the place to renew your beauty.

Full post-operative consultation and examination

Converging all the factors of human resources, technology, and equipment, the clinic is one of the leading prestigious cosmetic surgery clinics. After the surgery, customers will be advised on post-operative care as well as a full schedule of follow-up visits. If you have any questions or other related problems, you will also be supported quickly and enthusiastically.

The procedure of surgery for receding chin at the cosmetics surgery clinic

The Cosmetics Surgery Clinic provides customers with a professional, closed surgical procedure with the following basic steps:

·   Step 1: Examining, taking X-rays so that the doctors can grasp the condition of the chin.

·   Step 2: Consult and make a plan. Detailed chin adjustment therapy ensures the most favorable surgical process, accurate proportions, cut lines...

·   Step 3: The client is given a general health examination, considering the relevant factors to avoid complications after surgery.

·   Step 4: Clean the surgical area (chin, mouth and perform general anesthesia).

·   Step 5: Perform surgery according to the technique and method given earlier.

·   Step 6: Advise the patient on the post-operative care process to ensure quick wound recovery without complications. The client performs a follow-up examination according to the doctor's appointment.




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