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Orthodontic surgery is now common and chosen to increase aesthetics and improve people's facial defects. Jaw surgery is a type of orthopedic surgery for people with jaw defects. This type of surgery not only enhances aesthetics but creates convenient conditions for chewing, eating, communicating, and good for human health.


1. What is the protruding jaw? Causes of protruding jaw

Protruding jaws are often called other names such as protruding teeth, overbite teeth, and class II bite. This is a condition where the upper and lower teeth do not meet the standard ratio, misaligned bite. The upper jaw bone is protruding too much from the lower jaw.

Protruding jaw makes the mouth unable to close, causing loss of aesthetics.

People with protruding jaws will not be able to close their mouth, teeth will be protruded, exposed to the outside. This has a significant impact on daily activities such as difficulty in chewing food or poor communication. People with protruding jaws often have an unbalanced face, the digestive system is affected negatively, and their health is often not good.

The cause of protruding jaw is often considered to be genetic. However, bad habits such as biting your lips, leaning on your chin, or putting your tongue forward are also the causes of protruding teeth. People with protruding jaw are often self-deprecating about their appearance, so methods to improve protruding jaw are very interesting, especially when modern orthopedic technology is advanced today.

2. Methods to improve jaw defects

One of the most common methods for people with protruding jaw is braces. However, it is a fact that orthodontic treatment is not 100% effective for all cases of protruding jaw. Therefore, it is advisable to visit a reputable clinic for treatment advice in the most appropriate direction.


Improve the jaw for a better change of appearance

One of the most optimal methods of improving the jaw defects today is jaw surgery combined with braces. This is a difficult method, doctors will ask for a general health examination, measure the jaw, take a jaw scan, and then give a specific treatment plan. Jaw surgery is a way to completely improve the condition of the jaw defects which make the teeth not crooked and do not deviate again.

3. What jaw surgery technologies are there?

Jaw surgery is the most effective method to correct the overgrowth of the jawbone. With advanced and modern technology, maxillofacial surgery is more and more professional, shortening surgery time and safer.


Jaw surgery is the best method

Using the Lefort 1 technique, doctors will directly intervene in the jawbone, cut, and realign the jawbone to be reasonable, balanced, harmonious and coincident in the central position when chewing. This surgical technology completely corrects the jaw protruding, creating a slimmer face, non-recurrence.

A new technology is using plasma cell membranes taken from the client's body, rich in PRP. This technology has the ability to connect 2 pieces of bone grafts to heal quickly and stimulate the healing process 5 times faster than normal. Moreover, the PRP membrane effectively prevents bone sensitivity after surgery.

4. Jaw surgery procedure

When deciding to have jaw surgery, it is necessary to choose the most prestigious clinic to "entrust". The basic jaw surgery procedure is performed as follows:

Step 1: Examination and consultation. At this step, the doctors perform a facial examination, check the bite joints to assess the degree of protrusion. From there, determine the cause of the jaw protruding and provide an appropriate treatment plan.

Step 2: Take X-ray to properly assess the degree of protrusion and position of teeth.

Step 3: The medical team conducts consultation to come up with the most optimal treatment plan.

Step 4: Check your general health, take impressions, clean your teeth and make a surgical tray.

Step 5: Perform surgery. First, the client will be anesthetized, then will have surgery based on the specific condition. The surgery is performed by qualified surgeons.

Step 6: After the surgery, the client rests at the hospital to monitor his health.

Step 7: Periodic re-examination at the request of the doctor.

5. Does jaw surgery cause pain and affect health?

A common concern of many customers when it comes to surgery to change the structure and appearance of the face is whether the jaw surgery is painful or not. Although this is a method that interferes with the bone, it is not too painful. Because during surgery, customers will be anesthetized, operated in a sterile room with modern equipment.

At the end of surgery, customers will receive special care after aseptic surgery to avoid cross-infection, have a separate diet to restore health and decrease the pain by painkiller. Therefore, there is only a slight numbness and tingling sensation, not much pain.

6. Prestigious and quality maxillofacial surgery clinic

Jaw surgery is a difficult and complex type of surgery. Therefore, in order for the surgery to be successful as well as to change the appearance of the mandibular person as expected, it is necessary to have a combination of many factors from mechanical equipment, doctor's skills, ...

The East Rose Dental is a dental clinic equipped with the most advanced machines. Ranked in the top of the most prestigious dental clinic in the world. A team of good, experienced doctors who have performed thousands of difficult surgeries, especially jaw surgery.


Highly qualified medical team at The East Rose Dental Clinic

Moreover, with outstanding treatment quality and reasonable cost, The East Rose Dental is highly recommended and trusted by the patients who have treated here. Currently, the cost of 1 jaw surgery is approximately VND 50,000,000. Along with the promotion program discount up to 70% of the cost of all types of treatment.

Above information is about jaw surgery and what you need to know. With the information given in this article, it will surely help you find a reputable clinic to improve your appearance.




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