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Practical experience of jaw surgery of those who have experienced it

The experience of underbite surgery from practical sharing will help you equip yourself with knowledge and prepare psychologically before conducting underbite surgery.

Underbite is a condition in which the lower jawbone protrudes too much forward. This may affect aesthetics. In some cases of severe underbite, the lower jawbone is completely forward, which may affect the ability to eat and chew. Usually, people with underbites often have problems when they sleep such as teeth grinding, jaw muscle inflammation because the lower jaw does not match the upper jaw, leading to too much activity. To overcome this situation, jaw surgery is one of the optimal options. To prepare well before surgery, you can refer to the following jaw surgery experiences.

1. What to prepare for jaw surgery?

To make the process of jaw surgery go smoothly, you need to prepare the following.

1.1. Stable health

Jaw surgery is not too complicated surgery. However, for the safe process of jaw surgery, you need to prepare a stable health. Before surgery, you need to have a general health checkup. At the same time, it is also necessary to do tests to develop a treatment plan that is appropriate for each individual case.

Need to check health before surgery

1.2. Prepare mentally

Jaw surgery is just a small surgery that lasts about 2-3 hours. However, when it comes to surgery, many people still worry that it is difficult to overcome the fear of pain, fear of surgery,... However, you can rest assured because the surgical process has been performed by anesthesiologists. quite mild. After the surgery, you are also given pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and swelling reducers to help shorten the recovery process and not cause much pain.

1.3. Prepare financially

In addition to preparing for health and psychological stability, you also need to prepare financially. Normally, the cost of 1 jaw surgery costs from 80,000,000 VND at the East Rose Dental Clinic. This is considered a relatively low cost compared to the market and the quality that this clinic brings. You can refer to the experience of jaw surgery for more peace of mind before the surgery.

2. Experience in underbite surgery

The practical sharing from people who have undergone the process of jaw surgery below will help you to equip yourself with knowledge and psychological stability a lot.

Share of Ms. Thu Trang (District 7): "Since I was a child, I have been associated with the nickname Trang Underbite, so I have a lot of low self-esteem. But every time I think about getting cutlery, I'm afraid of pain. It wasn't until I was introduced by my friend and encouraged by my family that I went for orthodontic treatment. At first, I was also afraid of pain, but when the surgery was done, I was anesthetized so it didn't hurt too much. But for those of you who are about to undergo jaw surgery, pay attention to treat oral diseases first, those who are in poor health should be nourished first, because after surgery, most people eat soft foods such as porridge, pho. , the rice is cooked soft, those who don't get used to it may not be able to eat it."

Pay attention to nutrition before and after surgery

In addition to sharing about post-surgery care, we also received a lot of shares about finding a surgical site. Below is Quynh Anh's share after the orthognathic surgery. “If I knew that my jaw surgery would make me as beautiful as I am now, I would have done it since I was 18 years old. But if you want to have surgery, remember to find a good clinic. It is best to try a few places before surgery to choose the most suitable place for you. Do not think that the most expensive place is the right one. I did jaw surgery at the East Rose Dental Clinic, the total cost is 80 million, much cheaper than other places, but it's ok.

With the right choice of a reliable underbite surgery site after performing jaw surgery, you also need to pay attention to care during surgery. Proper care contributes to faster wound healing.

3. How to take care of after jaw surgery?

In order for the incision after surgery to recover quickly, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Apply cold to reduce swelling after surgery.
  • Eat soft foods like porridge. After 1 week, you can switch to eating more solid foods such as pho, vermicelli, noodles, ...
  • Do not forcefully move the lower jaw so that the incision is stable and heals quickly.
  • Do not arbitrarily use pain relievers, tobacco, ointments to apply to the wound. This can slow wound healing and make it more painful.
  • Proper oral hygiene.
  • Call your doctor right away if you notice any unusual symptoms after surgery.

Proper oral hygiene after surgery

Above is the experience of maxillofacial surgery shared from customers who have experienced surgery at the East Rose Dental Clinic. Being fully equipped with knowledge, health and psychological stability will help you have a smooth surgery.


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