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Where the most prestigious clinic for underbite surgery is the concern of many people before conducting orthognathic surgery. Choosing a reputable clinic before performing surgery is one of the important steps determining the aesthetics and safety of the surgery.

Jaw surgery is one of the optimal solutions for many people who have underbite, the lower jawbone is too forward. Through the surgical process, the patient will have a more harmonious and balanced face. At the same time, chewing and eating functions are also significantly improved. However, not everyone is suitable for jaw surgery. To better understand this, you first need to find out the cause of the underbite in order to have the most suitable orthopedic method.

1. Causes of Underbite

An underbite is an enlargement of the lower jaw bone. The overgrowth of the mass-forming muscles protrudes bilaterally. Particularly for each patient, the impact caused by two parts of the cause may be different, it may be due to bone mainly or mainly to muscle. However, from clinical experience, both causes often occur at the same time. There are also some patients due to genetics, their parents or relatives often have enlarged mandibular angle. Mandibular angle hypertrophy, often accompanied by tumor enlargement, the patient's face shape is wider. Most people with trapezoidal faces and lower jaw angle are male, in plastic surgery, mandibular angle surgery is often required to trim the face.

Underbite is a condition in which the lower jawbone moves forward too much

2. Who is underbite jaw surgery suitable for?

2.1. Who should have underbite jaw surgery?

Underbite is a common condition in many people. In severe cases of underbite, the lower jawbone protrudes too much, which can affect the chewing process of the mouth. In addition, people with underbites often face problems such as: grinding teeth at night, lower jaw muscle pain, ... In cases where the lower jaw bone protrudes too much, it affects the aesthetics and function of eating is often indicated for underbite surgery. For cases which light condition does not affect health, you can also not do surgery. In addition, some cases cannot be operated on as follows:

2.2. Who should not have jaw surgery?

Some people cannot have jaw surgery to correct the face when they have the following problems:

People with blood clotting disorders.

People with severe diabetes.

People with weak lower jaw bones have problems with oral health.

People who are being treated for some dental-related diseases.

To know if you are suitable for underbite surgery, you can go to reliable dental clinic for examination and health check.

Blood test is one of the important tests before underbite surgery

3. Where should underbite jaw surgery?

Finding a reputable underbite surgery site is one of the factors that determine the success of the surgery. So where is the right jaw surgery clicic ? In order to choose an reliable clinic, you need to consider the following factors.

  • Having a clear certificate of operation: This is one of the bases for you to put your trust when having jaw surgery.
  • Modern equipment contributes to helping doctors make an accurate diagnosis. From there, a treatment plan is tailored to each individual. The surgery with high precision helps to increase safety and effective aesthetics.
  • A team of highly skilled medical professionals is a decisive factor in the aesthetics and recovery time after surgery.
  • Good service quality will help you stabilize your health and psychology from the very beginning until the surgery is completely recovered.

The East Rose Dental Clinic - A gathering place for an elite team of doctors and nurses

The East Rose Dental Clinic is one of the clinic that meet all of the above requirements. In addition, the cost factor is also considered a plus point of the East Rose Dental Clinic. It can be said that the East Rose Dental Clinic is not the place with the cheapest price. However, compared to the quality of service and success rate this place brings, what the East Rose Dental Clinic deserves is a place worth your trust.

Above is the information that answers the question of where to go for jaw surgery? The East Rose Dental Clinic is one of the addresses that are highly appreciated for its safety and aesthetics. Thousands of people experience the service here every year and most of them rate this as a prestigious address, worthy of your trust.


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