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Currently, removable dentures are still a popular method widely used because of their safety and cost savings. So how is the process of restoring lost teeth with removable dentures? How to clean and maintain? Please refer to the following article for more information.

Removable tooth restoration process
Step 1: Visit and consult a dentist
First, the dentist will conduct a general examination of the oral cavity to check the condition of the teeth, gums and oral health. In addition, the patient will also be instructed in detail and specifically how to keep and maintain the removable denture in the best condition for chewing problems and daily activities.
Step 2: Mark to make a dummy function
At this step, the dentist will take impressions of the patient's jaw, measure the jaw frame, measure the size of the spaces between the teeth. From there, the signals and information are recorded and transmitted to the dental laboratory for analysis and fabrication of denture samples with compatible and suitable sizes.
Step 3: Clean your teeth
Before installing the denture in the position to be fitted, the dentist will clean and disinfect the entire oral cavity for the patient to ensure that the denture is installed in a disinfected environment.
Step 4: Install jaws and use instructions
The denture will be tested by the dentist to check the difference and make the correction complete. After that, the patient will also be advised on how to remove the denture at home and how to clean the denture every day.

How to clean and maintain removable dentures
Removable dentures can be used for a long time if properly maintained, not subject to strong forces or collisions. Here are a few guidelines that patients should keep in mind:
- Need to remove and clean every day with regular toothpaste
- Absolutely do not use too strong abrasive and bleaching solutions to clean removable dentures.
- When not in use, you should soak your jaw in plain water or a mild antiseptic solution, do not soak it in hot water, it will cause deformation and damage to the denture.
- At night before sleeping, the patient should remove the denture to allow the gum tissue to relax
- After a period of use, the denture may be loose and need cushioning. You need to visit the dental center periodically to check the condition of your teeth, gums and jaw.
Above is the procedure to restore lost dentures by removable denture method and how to care for dentures at home. To achieve optimal results, you should choose reputable dental centers for the best treatment.
In Ho Chi Minh City, The East Rose Dental Clinic is one of the reputable units in the field of professional restoration and orthodontics with the most affordable prices. For a free consultation, please contact the hotline:
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