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What does high cheekbones in anthropology mean?

Anthropology is a science of predicting fate since ancient times. From facial features that predict a person's character, destiny, and character. High cheekbones is a feature that appears quite a lot in the studies of horoscopes. So what does high cheekbones in anthropology mean? Let's find out with The East Rose Dental Clinic through the following article.

Some characteristics of women with high cheekbones

Grandparents often have the notion that women with high cheekbones will be close to their husbands. However, this view is not entirely true and is causing a lot of influence for its owners.


What does high cheekbones in anthropology mean?

Not uncommon in everyday life, women with high cheekbones will receive prying or unfriendly glances. From the point of view of physiognomy, this is not quite as bad as people think.

In terms of work, people with high cheekbones will have a strong, determined and resilient personality to overcome difficulties. So they often achieve success in this area. In personality, they are open and cheerful, so they won the hearts of everyone.


We usually have the concept that women with high cheekbones will be close to their husbands

If the person has high cheekbones and large nose tip, it will be a good combination in anthropology. This trait shows that this is a person with an honest, gentle personality who will easily succeed in life and often get lucky.

Are women with high cheekbones close to their husbands?

The view that women with high cheekbones will be close to their husbands has been passed down by grandparents for generations. But according to anthropology this is a completely wrong concept. There are also many studies and opinions that say this is because of the fastidiousness of difficult mothers-in-law.

Or it may be due to the inference that people with high cheekbones are usually quite strong and independent. They will show a resilient will, striving and less yielding to reality. It is because of these characteristics that they will not receive the love of the old mothers-in-law.


Anthropology says that a woman with high cheekbones is a good general

Respecting men and disrespecting women is an idea that has been deeply rooted in the subconscious of the old generation, so women always have to play the role of dependent, docile and obedient. Women with different personalities from these will not receive love, perhaps because of that, the idea that people with high cheekbones will be close to their husbands was born.

Another point of view is that women with high cheekbones will face many difficulties and obstacles in love as well as married life. Their marriage is often separated, not in harmony, and suffers many emotional disadvantages. This is also a reason that grandparents have attributed that high cheekbones will be "close to the husband".

It can be stated precisely from the point of view of anthropology, the idea of ​​"killing your husband" due to high cheekbones is completely wrong. Not only that, they also have a lot of good qualities. If high cheekbones are combined with some anthropological features, it also brings a lot of luck.


Some other ways to see the generals combined with the characteristics of the cheekbones

In anthropology, cheekbones can predict a person's personality. In addition to high cheekbones, you can also rely on other characteristics to see personality:

·        Round, full cheeks: People possessing this trait often do not like to be restrained, like freedom, movement and have experiences with discovery travel. Their personality is extroverted, so it is easy to make friends and get close to people. You will see this trait appear a lot in actors, journalists, models, ... because they are very suitable for these professions.

·        Wide and high cheekbones: The personality of those possessing these traits will often have a high level of trust. They are independent in both life and work, without the help and support of those around them. People with wide and high cheekbones tend to be individualistic, so they are easily misunderstood as arrogant.


Based on the characteristics of high cheekbones can predict a person's personality

·        Enlarged cheekbones: In physiognomy, wide cheekbones is considered an ideal model. Because people possessing this trait often have high intelligence, sharpness, strong vigilance and the ability to see far. Therefore, they often have certain successes, achieving achievements in any field of business or school. You will find leaders often have large cheekbones.

·        Low Cheeks: The most prominent feature of low cheekbones is the fear of failure. They have many dreams, plans and cherishes but do not dare to risk their lives for fear of not succeeding. So these people usually don't have too many successful people in life.

Through the above article, I'm sure you have understood what high cheekbones in anthropology mean. Hopefully, the information that the East Rose Dental brings will help people with high cheekbones be more confident in their life and work.



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