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Learn the most effective ways to reduce cheekbones at home

Many people are wondering how to reduce cheekbones when the cost of plastic surgery is quite expensive. Therefore, they often look to natural methods of reducing cheekbones that are both safe and cost-effective. Here are the 5 most effective ways to reduce cheekbones at home that you can apply to yourself.

The most effective way to reduce cheekbones at home

To have a slim face, compact symmetrical cheekbones are the desire of many people. If you do not want to use surgical cutlery, refer to the following 5 ways to reduce cheekbones at home.

Massage, acupressure lower cheekbones

Facial massage is known as a method not only to overcome rough, high cheekbones but also to support blood circulation, to help skin elasticity and firmness, to limit sagging. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Wash hands and face. Use hand cream for soft hands to avoid facial skin damage.

Step 2: Apply the cream on the face, then close the fingers, put the palms in and perform a gentle massage in the direction from the wings of the nose to the eyes.

Step 3: Use your finger to massage the cheekbones from the inside out

Step 4: Fold your hand and use the back of your hand to massage in the direction from under the chin to the cheekbones.

Consistently performing each step 30 times for more than a month will see a slimmer and less tall face. You will get smooth, rosy skin thanks to better blood circulation.



Perform massage, acupressure to help slimmer cheekbones

Practice exercises to reduce cheekbones

Besides massage, facial exercises performed regularly will be the most effective at-home cheekbone reduction. Safe and secure at no extra cost.

Step 1: Sit with your head straight, move your chin forward so that your lower teeth touch your upper lip, do this movement about 30 times and then switch.

Step 2: Perform puckering of lips forward in a downward direction as much as possible, cheeks puffing up. When performing this movement, you will feel the facial muscles are flexible, the cheekbones are lower and more balanced.

You persist in doing this movement every morning when you wake up to promote the best effect. Not only slim cheeks but also help better blood circulation, healthy skin.


 Practice facial exercises for lower cheekbones

Makeup to cover high cheekbones

If you are about to go to a party or launch an event, you want your face to be pretty and conceal the defects of high cheekbones. Use makeup techniques to get the perfect look.

After completing the foundation step, contour your face. Should create highlight for the eye area and dark shade for the cheekbones to look at to create the effect of naturally lowered and slimmer cheekbones.

Golki osteopathy lowers cheekbones

Golki bone reduction to lower the cheekbones is one of the most effective ways to reduce cheekbones at home applied by many Korean stars. You can use this method by asking periosteal massage specialists and osteopaths from physical therapy centers.

The chiropractic techniques based on the joints will help the cheekbones become balanced as to the desired position and recreate a natural standard face. Doing this both helps you feel relaxed, healthy skin helps to make your cheeks look slimmer.

Adjust your diet

Signs of weight gain on the face are also the cause of your cheekbones higher than usual. Therefore, improving your diet is also a simple way to lower your cheekbones naturally. Accordingly, you should adjust your diet as follows:

You should add foods rich in pure vitamins, especially green vegetables and fresh fruits.

Adding fiber to the dish helps to boost metabolism and reduce facial fat.

Do not use drinks that contain a lot of alcohol because they will accelerate aging and cause swelling of the cheeks.

Drink a lot of clean water, add salt water to help skin stretch more smooth..


Build a reasonable diet to have a fresher, more beautiful face

Is slimming cheekbones with natural methods effective?

Although safe, at-home cheekbone reduction methods only work for high cheekbones caused by facial muscles or mild cases. In addition, to do it successfully, you have to be persistent and do it regularly.

For cases of high cheekbones due to facial bones, you need to go to reputable and quality dental cosmetic centers to perform cosmetic surgery. You need to find a reputable clinic to avoid unnecessary risks in surgery.





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