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On the face, the cheekbones play an important role in determining the contours. If a person has overdeveloped cheekbones, it will make the face larger and coarser. Therefore, when encountering this problem, many people have thought of plastic surgery options to make the face more elegant and gentle. So where is the most prestigious and safest place to reduce cheekbones today?


What is cheekbone reduction plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is no longer strange to everyone. This beauty method is becoming a trend with lovers of aesthetics and perfection. Cheekbone reduction surgery is performed when the cheekbones protrude too high, making the face appear larger and coarser.

According to the golden ratio of the face, the cheekbones are about the width of the temples, equal to the width of the jawbone, 4 times the width of the nose, and less than 10% of the width of the cheekbones. Therefore, when performing a reduction, part of the facial bone mass is removed. This will support the frame in the middle of the face, making the features of the face sharper.


Cheekbone surgery is applied high technology

Cheek surgery is applied high technology, so it is difficult to recognize traces of correction. The most commonly used method to lower cheekbones is to cut in an L shape through the inside of the mouth. The bone will be shaped very easily according to the plan set out before the surgery. The advantage of this procedure is that it is very easy to perform, does not leave scars and the new cheekbones will look very natural.


Criteria for evaluating the most prestigious and safest cheekbone reduction surgery today

Cheek surgery is not simple, so finding a reputable and safe clinic is essential. The important criteria to evaluate a good service provider should include the following factors:

-          Modern and safe technology.

-          The center has advanced and high-tech equipment and machines.

-          There is a team of experts, plastic surgeons with expertise and experience in performing the procedure.

-          Received good, positive feedback from customers who have used the service.

-          Post-surgery brings good results, the face is more balanced, natural and harmonious.

-          No scarring after surgery, cosmetic effect has a long maintenance time.


Where is the most prestigious and safest place to reduce cheekbones today?


Cheekbone reduction surgery procedure

The cheekbones are composed of a complex three-dimensional curvilinear structure, located in the center of the face. Therefore, when performing surgery without high techniques to straighten the rough bones and create a natural curve, the face will lose its natural look. Therefore, the procedure for performing this procedure is quite strict, as well as requiring a high level of skill of the performer.

Cheek reduction surgery involves the following steps:

-          Step 1: Customers will receive specific advice from experts and doctors of the center.

-          Step 2: Conduct an examination and check the cheekbone structure, assess the extent of surgery or not. If it has to be done, there will be options for customers to choose from

-          Step 3: Pre-operative examination to ensure health during the procedure.

-          Step 4: The patient is anesthetized and undergoes cheekbone reduction surgery.

-          Step 5: Post-operative care.


The post-surgery regime is very focused

Especially the convalescence time is not too long, but the results are maintained for a long time and there are no complications later. The doctors and experts will guide you enthusiastically about the details that need attention and care after surgery.

With the information provided above, you must have found the answer to the question: "Where is the most prestigious and safest place to reduce cheekbones today?" already. Wish you soon overcome the disadvantages of cheekbones and be confident in life.






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