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High cheekbones will make girls look older than their actual age and lose confidence in life. Therefore, massage methods are applied by many women to remove defects and own a more youthful face. Join the East Rose Dental Clinic to find out details about the tips to reduce cheekbones at home right here.

Massage method to lower cheekbones with cream

According to cosmetologists, high cheekbones are when the cheekbones are higher than the nose and close to the eyelids or tend to push to the sides, causing the face to lose its harmony and easily age before its age. Cheek massage method not only helps to improve the condition of high cheekbones, but also enhances blood circulation and improves skin elasticity.

The method of chiropractic massage to reduce cheekbones is performed through the following steps:

Step 1: Wash your hands and face thoroughly to remove dirt and bacteria on the skin.

Step 2: Choose cream products from natural herbs such as mint extract, chamomile, birch ... and rub them evenly.

Step 3: Apply the cream evenly on the face. Close your fingers. Place the palm of your hand in the eye and start massaging in the direction from the nose down to the ear.

Step 4: Continue massaging by bending your index finger into a C shape and massaging the cheekbones from the inside out. Then, fold the hand, use the back of the hand to massage from below the chin to the top of the cheekbone. Repeat the massage steps about 30 times and do it consistently for 1 month.


Cheek massage helps to improve defects

The method of chiropractic reduction of cheekbones

The method of chiropractic to reduce cheekbones is applied by many people and helps to improve the condition of high cheekbones effectively. However, you need to persevere in doing it regularly and for a long time to feel the effect. This method does the following:

Use the index, middle, and ring fingers of your left hand near your temple.

Firmly press your fingers and move slowly down your face, in front of your ears, down your neck, and below your collarbone.

Place your thumb between your cheekbones and nose, then press firmly and move your hand up and down around the cheek area. Keeping your hands still, continue to press hard and bring your hands to the sides (under the cheekbones). As the hand gradually moves towards the ear, you need to gradually reduce the strength of the hand.

Continue to use your thumb to press down on your lower cheekbones and move slowly to the sides of your face and up to your temples, when touching your ears, gradually reduce the pressure of your hands.


Cheekbone straightening method needs to be done patiently

Massage jawbone to shrink cheekbones

The massage method that affects the jawbone is also a way to help lower the cheekbones shared by many women. This method helps to make the face more balanced and harmonious. Proceed as follows:

Gently rub your hands from in front of your ears to your jawline.

Then, place your thumb on the midpoint of the lower jaw, close your fingers, and place it along the bridge of your nose like a shouting pose.

Move your fingers gradually to the sides of the temples, then rub along the sides of the ears down to the collarbone area. Perform regularly for 15 minutes/day for effective results.

Some other methods of reducing cheekbones

Besides the cheekbone lowering massage methods, there are also many effective methods to improve cheekbones. You can refer to the following methods to find the method that works best for you

Cheek lowering exercise

Applying exercises to lower your cheekbones is a simple way to do it, you can do it every morning after you wake up. Specifically:

Step 1: Sit with your back straight, chin forward, and teeth of the lower jaw touching the lips of the upper jaw, repeat 30 times.

Step 2: Pucker your lips forward, downward as much as possible and at the same time puff up your cheeks. This movement helps the facial muscles become more flexible, the cheekbones also lower significantly.

Makeup to reduce cheekbones

Makeup is a method to help you have a balanced and harmonious face immediately. Girls with high cheekbones can immediately apply makeup secrets to cover this defect, specifically:

Clean face, apply foundation evenly.

Proceed to contour, paying attention to highlighting the eye area.

Apply bronzer from the edge of the ear to the cheekbones and blend. Perform other makeup steps as usual.


Makeup is a temporary way to lower cheekbones

Combination of nutrition

Weight gain is one of the reasons why women's cheekbones are higher than normal. Therefore, changing the appropriate diet is also a simple and easy way to lower cheekbones for women, you can do:

Drink plenty of water such as filtered water, herbal tea, vegetable smoothies. Increase your vitamin intake through vegetables and fruits and add plenty of fiber-rich foods.

Golki therapy

Golki therapy originated in Korea and was introduced in 2017, this massage method needs to be performed by highly skilled professionals to help visibly improve the defects in the cheekbones, making the face more harmonious. . Although it is not an invasive method, it requires customers to go to a treatment center, not at home.




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